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  • Operation motorway : landscapes of construction of England's M1 motorway
  • England ; Historical geography ; Landscape ; Mobility ; Motorway ; Road ; Transport ; United Kingdom
  • Driving spaces : a cultural-historical geography of England's M1 motorway
  • Cultural geography ; Cultural landscape ; England ; Historical geography ; Motorway ; Road ; Space ; United Kingdom
  • Focusing on the design, construction and use of England's M1 motorway, the A. traces the social and cultural geographies and histories of the spaces of motorway driving. The book takes an interdisciplinary approach, and draws on archival materials
  • as well as contemporary debates. Attention is drawn to ideas dating from 1920 to 1950 about a future motorway system for England, the design, construction and landscaping of the motorway, and how it has been used and evaluated in recent decades. - (HC)
  • Karstology in motorway construction on Classical Karst
  • Applied geomorphology ; Aquifer ; Karst ; Karstology ; Motorway ; Planning ; Slovenia ; Underground water
  • One of the major ongoing projects in Slovenia was to link the country with motorways. Almost half of Slovenia is karst and more than half of its supply of water comes from karst aquifers. Karstologists have been involved in planning and construction
  • of motorways. We have acquired a lot of information about surface karst phenomena and the epikarst, vadose zone and the paleokarst. During the construction works we researched newly discovered features and tried to preserve as many as possible. - (IKR)
  • Czechoslovakia ; Motorway ; Road ; Slovakia
  • The article is laid on the influence of motorway network on economic development, increasing degree of motorization as well as the international transit and tourist traffic. The motorway network planned and implemented across western and northern
  • Confronting momentum : mapping the social appraisals of an ‘inevitable’ motorway capacity expansion
  • Infrastructure ; Motorway ; Netherlands (The) ; Planning
  • By using an exemplary case of a project on motorway capacity expansion in the Netherlands, it was investigated how momentum was acknowledged by actors, but perhaps also resisted or sustained. The paper finds that actors were quite aware of momentum
  • , but that they largely refrained from resisting it as a result of the focus on impact mitigation in the deliberation. Furthermore, this focus sustained the necessity claim and underlying rationale for the motorway capacity expansion. However, the choice of whether
  • Polish gminas' attitudes to Government motorway and road plans
  • Administrative reform ; Economic development ; Government policy ; Motorway ; Poland ; Regional development ; Road
  • Government policy on environmental, regional economic development and administrative reform issues in relation to the polish motorway and roads programme is reviewed. Reviews of media coverage show that environmental and regional economic
  • prioritise local economic development over environment. The general state of communication between gminas and central government on motorway and road planning is perceived as poor. - (BJ)
  • Depending on motorways – transport connections of Hungarian industrial parks and their enterprises
  • Firm ; Hungary ; Industrial location ; Industrial park ; Industry ; Infrastructure ; Motorway ; Transport ; Transportation geography
  • Conflict ; Environment ; Environmental conservation ; Glasgow ; Motorway ; Post-modernism ; Scotland ; Social geography ; Social movement ; United Kingdom
  • The conflict over the construction of the M77 motorway in Glasgow, is an example of a subculture of resistance which has emerged within Britain over the past fifteen years. The paper focuses upon the actions of Glasgow Earth First!, and the role
  • of an ecological encampment located in the projected path of the motorway. Such resistance is characteristic of a postmodern political practice. It is symbolic and extensively mediated.
  • Accessibility ; Germany ; Motorway ; Regional development ; Road infrastructure ; Thuringia
  • to the south-western cores of agglomeration rather than motorway access is most important for economic development. Nevertheless, motorways accelerate the process of adaptation and productivity. - (IFL)
  • Numerical analysis of groundwater level fluctuations through linear excavations. A case of Joban motorway at northwestern part of Shimousa plateau
  • An accessibility analysis of the impact of the M25 London Orbital Motorway on Britain
  • Accessibility ; Economic impact ; Great Britain ; Motorway ; Regional development ; Road network ; Time-distance ; Transport ; Transport cost ; United Kingdom
  • The motorway network is particulary dense in the Northern region of France. Built for most of it to the prejudice of farming lands, it tends to discorganize the regional farming space, especially in the areas of intensive farming, where
  • it is particularly developed. Because of the purchase of lands and because of the various consequences of their buildings, motorways deeply disturb the farm plots and the economy of the regions they go through. The study of the measures adopted to bring solutions
  • to the various problems (regrouping of lands, compensation allowances) leads us to stress wide disparities in the region's agriculture-differences which the building of motorways make even wider because it accelerates processes already on the move.
  • The Provence-Côte d'Azur region has expenenced a rapid development of its transport system, and especially the roads and motorways. For example 540 kilomètres of motorway consuminy 6400 hectares, have been opened, it was feared that these would
  • be a major destruction of agricultural land if this trend continued, but these fears seem exaggerated: the economic recession has reduced transport needs, the most necessary and economically profitable motorway sections have been completed, public opinion
  • Accessibility measures compared in an analysis of the impact of the M25 London Orbital Motorway on Britain
  • Geoecological and environmental approach to the projection of motorway in a hilly lanscape goes out from an analysis of supraregional and local aspects, from recognition of qualities of natural and socio-economic lanscape structure and from
  • a diagnosis of motorway impact on selected elements or functions of the landscape.
  • Pore water pressure and stability conditions on a motorway embankment
  • Die cimbrische Achse Strategien und Auswirkungen des Autobahnbaus in der schleswig-holsteinisch-jütischen Planungsregion. (The Cimbric axis strategies and consequences of the motorways in the planning region of Schleswig-Holstein and Jütland)
  • Materiality, subjectification, and government : the geographies of Britain's Motorway Code
  • Antiquity ; Communication network ; France ; Historical geography ; Infrastructure ; Middle Age ; Motorway ; Road ; Road network
  • Cartographic display ; Channel geometry ; Geodesy ; Human impact ; Hungary ; Infrastructure ; Inundation ; Man-environment relations ; Motorway ; Natural hazards ; Szeged ; Water management
  • the relationship in plains without any channel morphology. The main problem of the paper is whether there is any influence of the new motorway M43 opened in springtime 2010 near Szeged (S-Hungary) on the formation of 100–200 ha excess water inundation in its