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  • The Moscow city region
  • Urban planning aspects of the spatial orgenization of Moscow
  • Moscow : Post-Soviet developments and challenges
  • European part of Russia ; Geographic research ; Human geography ; Map ; Moscow ; Town ; World city
  • Social polarization and ethnic segregation in Moscow
  • Ethnic minority ; Ethnic segregation ; European part of Russia ; Migration ; Moscow ; Nationality ; Polarization ; Social indicators ; Spatial distribution ; Town ; Urban society
  • The evolving housing market in Moscow: indicators of housing reform
  • Economic reform ; European part of Russia ; Finance ; Habitability ; Housing ; Housing cost ; Housing market ; Housing policy ; Legislation ; Moscow ; Privatisation ; Residential mobility ; Urban construction
  • The paper examines the results of the housing policy reforms in terms of their effects on private ownership, residential mobility, housing conditions and housing affordability. Longitudinal data on these four characteristics of the Moscow housing
  • Moscow: aspects of urban morphology
  • Map-making to 1900: an historical glossary of cartographic innovations and their diffusion. Preliminary study, presented on the occasion of the Eight International Conference on Cartography, Moscow, USSR, 3-10 August 1976
  • The impact of Soviet housing policy on housing conditions in Soviet cities: the uneven push from Moscow
  • Der XI. Kongress der Internationalen Union für Quartärforschung (INQUA) in Moskau 1982. (The XIth INQUA Congress in Moscow 1982)
  • Moscow city limits expanded for first time since 1960
  • Temperature-induced excess mortality in Moscow, Russia
  • Bioclimatology ; Climate optimum ; European part of Russia ; Health ; Human bioclimatology ; Man-environment relations ; Mortality ; Moscow ; Temperature
  • The electoral geographies of a polarizing city : Moscow, 1993-1996
  • Economic restructuring ; Election ; Electoral behaviour ; European part of Russia ; Moscow ; Political geography ; Political reform ; Social change ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Urban area
  • Environmental pollution in Moscow : a micro-level analysis
  • European part of Russia ; Historical geography ; Impact ; Legislation ; Moscow ; Pollution ; Road traffic ; Thematic map ; Town ; Urban ecology ; Urban planning
  • Moscow as an emergent world city : international links, business developments, and the entrepreneurial city
  • Business district ; Entrepreneurship ; European part of Russia ; International economy ; Moscow ; Telecommunications ; Town ; Urban administration ; Urban change ; World city ; Years 1990-99
  • European part of Russia ; Industrial location ; Location choice ; Moscow ; Software ; Technology transfer
  • Global outsourcing of software development has created new agglomerations of offshore software companies in developing and transitional countries. The article analyses the evolution, structure, and the internal and external linkages of the Moscow
  • agglomeration. Finally, pros and cons of the development path taken by Moscow are assessed. - (IFL)
  • Changing housing markets in Russian cities. Case study of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan
  • Comparative study ; European part of Russia ; Habitat ; Land ; Moscow ; Price ; Real estate market ; Saint Petersburg ; Urban area ; Urban geography
  • . The most dynamic markets with peak prices are found in metropolitan areas with a population of 1 million or more. Two cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, provide a special case as they differ from other big Russian cities such as Kazan in Tartastan in price
  • Soil formation in Greyzems in Moscow district : micromorphology, chemistry, clay mineralogy and particle size distribution
  • Clay mineral ; European part of Russia ; Forest soil ; Geochemistry ; Grain size distribution ; Micromorphology ; Moscow ; Oblast ; Pedogenesis ; Soil properties ; Taxonomy
  • , and developed on loess-like mantle loams of Late Weichselian (Valday) age in the northern forest-steppe zone of the East European plain (Middle Russian Upland) were described and sampled near Puschino, some 100 km south of Moscow. Micromorphology, particle size
  • Selected urban population characteristics of Moscow
  • Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Demography ; Migration ; Moscow ; National minority ; Russia ; Urban migration ; Urban population
  • L'A. analyse les caractéristiques de la population de Moscow entre 1979 et 1989, spécialement en ce qui concerne la nationalité, l'âge, le sexe, l'instruction et leurs corrélations. Il étudie la dynamique de la population des Russes, des Ukrainiens
  • History of the cultural layer in Moscow and accumulation of anthropogenic substances in it
  • Archaeology ; European part of Russia ; Geochemistry ; Human impact ; Moscow ; Palaeo-environment ; Pedogenesis ; Soil ; Soil pollution ; Town ; Waste
  • Urban soils in the central part of Moscow consist of a thick layer of municipal waste (the cultural layer). Its thickness varies from 2 to 5 m and can reach 20 m in depressions. It has been affected by pedogenic processes and also contains