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  • Areal patterns of space utilization in the metropolitan core of Tokyo
  • Built up area ; Business district ; Honshu ; Inner city;Town centre ; Japan ; Land use ; Large city;Metropolis ; Spatial structure ; Tokyo ; Trend surface ; Urban area ; Urban morphology
  • Thoughts on the areal change of dress and influential effects
  • This paper presents an analysis on areal change of dress, particularly the locational change and spatial propagation. It also tries to give a study of the main factors affecting the areal change of dress.
  • The role of morphology in environmental pollution
  • This paper investigates how geomorphological conditions and human activities influence the extent of nitrate contamination of groundwater. An attempt was made to plot a map of nitrate-contamination hazard. The areal distribution of heavy metal
  • Areal changes of agricultural productivity in Japan in 1960's
  • Areal studies, ecological studies, and social patterns in cities
  • Areal value of degree-day factor
  • Identification and measurement of the areal extend of settlements from Landsat. An exploration into the Nigerian case
  • The paper considers hanges in areal ratio between the hydraulic component of the river flow (expressed in terms of the mean stream velocity in vertical) and the size of lag deposits ( channel pavement )| the latter can be numerically presented
  • morphology. - (l'A.).
  • Modelling sediment transport from bare rilled hillslopes by areally averaged transport equations
  • Treating the dynamics of sediment transport as two-dimensional on interrill-areas and as one-dimensional in rill sections, areally averaged sheet sediment transport (SST) equations are developed. The two-dimensional SST equation is averaged over
  • an individual interrill-area width and then along the interrill-area length to obtain local-scale areally averaged interrill-area sheet sediment transport equation (local-scale areal averaging). Similarly, the cross-sectional-averaged rill sediment transport
  • equation is averaged along an individual rill length to obtain local-scale areally averaged rill sediment transport equation.
  • The modifiable areal unit problem in multivariate statistical analysis
  • evidence of the unreliability of any multivariate analysis undertaken with data from areal units.
  • Developing perspectives upon the areal extent of Israel : a reply
  • This paper examines a recent publication by Rowley (1989), which purports to deal with the areal extent of Israel , to highlight the difficulties that may be encountered when factual and cartographic errors within a text, compounded by untenable
  • Die Nutzung von Fernerkundungsbildern für arealstrukturanalytische Untersuchungen. (The use of pictures gained by remote sensing of the earth for areal structure analysis)
  • Areal structure analysis ; Espace ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Méthodologie ; Paysage ; Structure spatiale ; Télédétection ; Unité de paysage ; Utilisation du sol
  • Remote sensing of the earth supplies pictures that allow the detection of objective areals due to the fine mosaic pictures information. A method is described which makes successive use of characteristic values of ever finer indicators
  • Extreme areal precipitation in Sweden 1926-1985 in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.
  • A method for estimation of extreme areal precipitation over areas ranging from 1000 to 10 000 km2 is presented. The method has been used in a thorough investigation of 24 hours precipitation in Sweden 1926-1985. The climate of the mountains
  • of northwestern Sweden is discussed with respect to extreme areal precipitation.
  • The invalidity of modifiable areal unit randomization
  • Areal variations in textures of shore sands, Sri Lanka
  • Areal associations and regressions
  • Areal concentrations in certain aspects of Finnish foresty
  • Areal structure analysis ; Espace ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Méthodologie ; Paysage ; Structure spatiale
  • Areal structure analysis is a general method to investigate our natural environment. It is based on the knowledge of the general specific laws governing the structure formation of the landscape sphere. (HL).
  • Ecological fallacies and the analysis of areal census data
  • Areal differentiation of spermatophytic flora in Henan Province