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  • Australia ; Cultural studies ; Economic geography ; Historical geography ; Regional geography ; Regional monograph
  • Short, well-illustrated monographic treatment of Australia. Main themes are: Australia as the island continent, European enclave in Oceania, irreverence for the land, and regional mosaic. - (DWG)
  • The illustration of oceanic data (1): scalars in Monograph 25.
  • Concept in the history of cartography. A review and perspective in Monograph 26.
  • A study of some cartographic techniques used by British oceangraphers in Monograph 25.
  • Map projections in marine science in Monograph 25.
  • The use of computer graphics for displaying data in three dimensions in Monograph 25.
  • United States techniques in oceanic cartography in Monograph 25.
  • Kenya. A geomedical monograph.
  • Geographical field research in South India. 1978. A progress monograph.
  • The illustration of oceanic data. (II): vectors in Monograph 25.
  • The dynamics of oceanic cartography in Monograph 25.
  • This is a paper written by the late Ferenc Fodor (1887-1962) who was one of Teleki's closest colleagues prior to World War II. Fodor completed a grand monograph about the life of Teleki after his death in the 1940s which was, however, only published
  • in 2001. This paper is part of the monograph and deals with the early years of Teleki on the way to become a geographer. - (JS)
  • History ; Holocene ; Pleistocene ; Poland ; Quaternary ; Regional monograph ; Valley ; Watershed ; Wisła
  • The monograph describes the late Quaternary history of Vistula river, based on the extended records gathered during last 20-30 years by the team of more than 20 scientists participating in two national projects, consists of 6 parts. The first part
  • of several tributaries, which were investigated in detail ; the four - summarises the history of Vistula valley during the Pleistocene. The first conclusions of monograph are presented in part five. More general conclusions are gathered in part six. - (BJ)
  • Hydrological monograph of Włocławek reservoir contains selected problems of inland waters. There are presented elements of hydrological regime which in result of changes in the river flow conditions caused by ponding-render the specific exploitation
  • difficulties. There are considered mainly processes of erosion and accumulation as well as related phenomenon of hanging ice dams. The monograph characterized transformations of geographical environment on the background of economic structure of the Lower
  • Part of the important scientific work of JOSEPH PARTSCH are 4 monographs on the regional geography of different Ionian Islands published between 1887 and 1891. Before there was the Physikalische Geographie von Griechenland (1885), derived from
  • in these monographs.
  • The impact of different mathematical approaches to contouring in Monograph 25.
  • Carpaţii Orientali ; Region ; Regional monograph ; Romania ; Tourism ; Tourism potential
  • Cultural studies ; Malagasy Republic ; Natural environment ; Population pressure ; Regional geography ; Regional monograph ; Resource management
  • The purpose of this planned special issue is to bring recent research to the attention of those who could not be expected to follow the numerous journals and monographic studies of urban historians.
  • C.R. by P. Richards in Afr. Affairs, 1978, t.77, n307, 257-259. Although the ecological problems are given less prominence than the economic, social and political, this monograph provides a useful background for the study of Nigerian rural