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  • Quantitative interpretation of fossil pollen spectra: dissimilarity coefficients and the method of modern analogs
  • Amérique du Nord ; Coefficient de dissemblance ; Géographie physique ; Holocène ; Interprétation quantitative ; Méthode des analogues modernes ; Méthodologie ; Palynologie ; Paléo-environnement ; Paléoflore ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Spectre
  • Dissimilarity coefficients measure the difference between multivariate samples and provide a quantitative aid to the identification of modern analogs for fossil pollen samples. How eight coefficients responded to differences among modern pollen
  • samples from eastern North America was tested. No modern analogs existed for samples from before 9300 yr BP at Kirchner Marsh, Minnesota, and from before 11,000 yr BP at Wintergreen Lake, Michigan, but modern analogs existed for almost all Holocene samples
  • Correlation between long-term pedogenic CaCo3 formation rate and modern precipitation in deserts of the American Southwest
  • The objectives of this study are (1) to examine the correlation between the long term rate of pedogenic CaCo3 formation (LTR) and modern mean annual precipitation (MAP) and temperature (MAT) in the desert Southwest, and (2) to consider the utility
  • Modern alluvial history of the Paria River drainage basin, southern Utah
  • The modern alluvial history of the Paria River basin favors the hypothesis that erosion and filling of channels in semiarid regions is controlled by the size of floods, at least within the last 100 yr. Erosion and entrenchment result from a larger
  • Reply to - comparison of taxon calibrations, modern analogue techniques, and forest-stand simulation models for the quantitative reconstruction of past vegetation : a critique by A. M. Solomon
  • Défend la comparaison à des modèles analogues modernes. - (CB)
  • Climatic changes and food production: observations and outlook in the modern world
  • Comparison of taxon calibrations, modern analogue techniques, and forest-stand simulation models for the quantitative reconstruction of past vegetation : a critique
  • Moderne ozeanologische Forschung und geographische Wissenschaften. (Recherche océanologique moderne et sciences géographiques)
  • Suite à la Conférence Océans et mers du point de vue de la recherche océanographique moderne (octobre 1982 à Warnemünde), l'auteur souligne les progrès significatifs de la recherche océanographique et les liens historiques étroits entre
  • La métamorphose des rivières des Alpes françaises à la fin du moyen âge et à l'époque moderne
  • Cours d'eau ; Crue ; Fluviatile ; France ; Géographie historique ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphologie fluviatile ; Isère ; Lit fluvial ; Moyen Age ; Rhône ; Rhône-Alpes ; Temps modernes
  • Comparison of taxon calibrations, modern analogue techniques, and forest-stand simulation models for the quantitative reconstruction of past vegetation
  • Comparaison des trois méthodes quantitatives de reconstitution de la végétation comprenant les calibrations du pourcentage dominant, les coefficients de dissemblance entre les assemblages polliniques modernes et fossiles et la simulation des
  • An introduction to the basics of modern systematic geomorphology according to the systems approach.
  • Submarine canyons and deep-sea fans: modern and ancient
  • A modern interpretation of karst corrosion = A karsztkorrozio korszerü értelmezése
  • Fossil diatom assemblages from a 12-m core from Kirchner Marsh were compared with modern surface assemblages from 159Minnesota and Labrador lakes using cluster analysis. The deepest levels of the core (spruce pollen zone 13,000 to 10,200yr BP
  • ) resemble modern diatom assemblages from deep oligotrophic lakes of northeastern Minnesota. Diatom assemblages of the pine pollen zone (about 10,200 to 9,500yr BP) have few modern analogs. In the oak zone (9,500yr BP to present) after a brief pulse of diatom
  • C datings of some Holocene sea levels on the north coast of the island of Java (Indonesia) in Modern Quaternary research in southeast Asia.
  • A minimum age for the deglaciation of Mt. Kinabalu, East Malaysia in Modern Quaternary research in southeast Asia.
  • Modern glacier characteristics as a basis for inferring former climates with particular reference to the Loch Lomond Stadial
  • Comparison of 1340s daily weather data with the modern period
  • Neue Ergebnisse zur Gletscher-und Klimageschichte des Spätmittelalters und der Neuzeit. (Nouvelles données sur l'histoire des glaciers et du climat du bas Moyen Age et des temps modernes)
  • Case histories of migrating species at different time scales : modern, historical, Pleistocene, and early geological time. Many plants have exploited the effects of human disturbance of habitats. - (DWG)
  • A century ago the scientific study of landforms was in its Golden Age. In this paper, the AA. are critical of certain modern trends in Geomorphology. In seeking reductionist, mechanistic explanations for geomorphological phenomena, the science has