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  • Canada ; Donnée climatique ; Gel ; Glace ; Lac ; Modèle ; Prévision ; Québec ; Simulation ; Variabilité climatique
  • Canada ; Climatic data ; Climatic variability ; Forecast ; Freezing ; Ice ; Lake ; Model ; Quebec ; Simulation
  • During 5 winters, the evolution of spatial patterns in the snow and ice cover of a lake are observed and simulated. The ice-on and ice-off dates are sensitive to climatic variations but not the mean depth of ice : model and observations reveal more
  • Agriculture ; Agroclimatologie ; Climat ; France ; Impact ; Modèle ; Production agricole ; Réchauffement climatique
  • Agricultural production ; Agriculture ; Agroclimatology ; Climate ; Climatic warming ; France ; Impact ; Model
  • , which is analysed here in terms of observed or modeled consequences for some major productions in France (wheat, fruit trees and vine). - (BJ)
  • Afrique du Sud ; Années 1970 ; Années 1990 ; Circulation atmosphérique ; Circulation océanique ; Modèle couplé ; Précipitation ; Simulation ; Siècle 21 ; Variation saisonnière
  • The study focuses on rainfall changes over South Africa as simulated from the ocean-atmosphere coupled general circulation model ARPEGE/OPA, under the IPCC B2 scenario. Simulations for 1970-1999 are compared with observed data in order to assess
  • the ability of the model to reproduce Soouth African climate. Spatial patterns ans seasonal variations are correctly simulated, but precipitation amounts are overestimated. Projections for the XXI century display a small decrease of both the rainfall amounts
  • Scenarios of the future climate to Congo has support soft use MAGICC / SCENGEN (general circulation model - GCM). However, grids of this model have a resolution too great (5° of latitude x 5° of longitude), while studies of climate change impacts
  • will be for each zone by using results MAGIC / SCENGEN model. But here exists of uncertainties on due regional climatical impacts mainly of a coarse resolution of the GCM and the parameterisation of phenomena in under - grilles. - (BJ)
  • Algérie ; Analyse statistique ; Energie ; Energie solaire ; Modèle mathématique ; Rayonnement solaire
  • Algeria ; Energy ; Mathematical model ; Solar energy ; Solar radiation ; Statistical analysis
  • between the model parameters and the altitude emphasize that the risks of extremities depend on the first and second order relief, the shape of depression and the altitude. - (BJ)
  • Crop models have been used to evaluate the impacts of the climate change on the phenology and the quality of the grapevine Vitis vinifera L. in the French Mediterranean area. The results of the study indicate that the climate change might shorten
  • Climate ; Climatic data ; Drought ; Forecast ; Mali ; Man-environment relations ; Modelling ; Precipitation ; Twentieth Century
  • of this study is to document the impact of these fluctuations on the yield of mil crop through sensitivity experiments of a crop model. - (BJ)
  • them to become substantially different from those in suburban and rural areas. Climate research and investigation in urban areas, as well as validation of climate models, will only be possible with resort to the results of local meteorological