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  • Reconstructing ancient topography through erosion modelling
  • Bassin-versant ; Belgique ; Erosion des sols ; Holocène ; Loess ; Modèle ; Modèle numérique de terrain ; Paléogéographie ; Paléogéomorphologie ; Topographie
  • Belgium ; Digital elevation model ; Holocene ; Loess ; Model ; Palaeogeography ; Palaeogeomorphology ; Soil erosion ; Topography ; Watershed
  • The AA. present a topography based hillslope erosion and deposition model that is based on the WATEM/SEDEM model structure and works on a millennial time scale. Soil erosion, transport and deposition are calculated using slope and unit contributing
  • area. The topography is iteratively rejuvenated by taking into account modelled erosion and deposition rates, thereby simulating topographic development backwards in time. The model is spatially evaluated, using detailed estimates for historical soil
  • erosion and show that the model can simulate realistic soil redistribution patterns.
  • 2006
  • will have the same causal factors as the landslides initiated in the past. Significant model results were obtained, with pre-landslide hillslope gradient and 3 different clayey lithologies being important predictor variables. Receiver Operating
  • Characteristics (ROC) curves and the Kappa index were used to validate the model. The results allow to conclude that the model is capable of predicting hillslope sections prone to landsliding.
  • 2006
  • Gully erosion in mountain areas : processes, measurement, modelling and regionalization
  • 2006