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  • Adaptation ; Changement climatique ; Echelle multidimensionnelle ; Ecologie appliquée ; Ecologie politique ; Espace-temps ; Genre ; Gestion de l'environnement ; Inégalité sociale ; Modèle conceptuel ; Résilience ; Vulnérabilité
  • Adaptation ; Applied ecology ; Climatic change ; Conceptual model ; Environmental management ; Gender ; Multidimensional scaling ; Political ecology ; Resilience ; Social inequality ; Space time ; Vulnerability
  • envisioning, rehearsing for reality, and dynamic planning in the context of multiple and synergistic stressors, all powerful countervoices to hegemonic integrated modeling and numeric vulnerability indices.
  • that was needed to legitimize and continue the resource flow within an existing policy process continued, despite growing empirical and model-driven evidence to suggest that the narrative may not be correct. He compares these stories with theories from
  • or environmental changes of interest. ACE encourages an eclectic use of methods, models, and theoretical ideas. By not privileging particular theories or explanatory factors in advance, ACE enables researchers to interrogate the plausibility of different causal