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  • Bremen ; Geostatistics ; Germany ; Krigeage ; Model ; Niedersachsen ; North Rhine Westfalia ; Observation network ; Radiation ; Rhineland-Palatinate ; Spatial variation ; Stochastic model
  • Allemagne ; Bremen ; Géostatistiques ; Krigeage ; Modèle ; Modèle stochastique ; Niedersachsen ; Nordrhein-Westfalen ; Radiation ; Rheinland-Pfalz ; Réseau d'observation ; Variation spatiale
  • This paper first summarizes the main concepts of space-time geostatistics. The AA. use here a model-based geostatistical approach to characterize space-time variability. The space-time variable of interest is treated as a sum of independent
  • stationary spatial, temporal, and spatiotemporal components, which leads to a sum-metric space-time variogram model. Methods are illustrated with a case study of space-time interpolation of monthly averages of detected background radiation for a 5-year period