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  • The influence of site conditions on plant species richness, plant production and population dynamics: comparison of two desert types
  • Arid area ; Biodiversity ; Biomass ; Desert ; Ecosystem ; Israel ; Population dynamics ; Soil properties ; Vegetation
  • Two field sites in the Judean Desert, in close proximity to each other, were compared with regard to plant species richness, production, and population dynamics. Although having very similar climatic conditions, the two types differed in edaphic
  • 1995
  • The AA. use the snails and isopods as case studies to examine: 1) the relationships between activities of animals and abiotic resource dynamics. Here the concept of ecological flow chains is used to explicitly interrelate the flows of energy
  • and materials controlled by biotic and abiotic factors; 2) the relationship between animal density to the spatial and temporal dynamics of soil formation.
  • 1995