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  • The influence of both process descriptions and runoff patterns on predictions from a spatially distributed soil erosion model
  • Soil erosion patterns : evolution, spatio-temporal dynamics and connectivity. Special issue
  • Bassin-versant ; Belgique ; Erosion des sols ; Erosion hydrique ; Loess ; Modèle ; Ravinement ; Ruissellement ; Simulation
  • Belgium ; Gully erosion ; Loess ; Model ; Rill wash ; Simulation ; Soil erosion ; Water erosion ; Watershed
  • This study presents a sensitivity analysis of the soil erosion model LISEM, whereby not only the sensitivity to parameter values is considered, but attention is focused on the effects of process descriptions and the routing of overland flow
  • . As erosion models include a wide range of processes (i.e. rainfall, interception, surface storage, overland flow, soil erosion and deposition), this implies that only a relatively small fraction of all possible variations is explored here.
  • Ardenne ; Belgium ; Digital elevation model ; Human impact ; Landslide ; Mass movement ; Photogrammetry ; Plant canopy ; Precipitation ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Spatial distribution
  • Action anthropique ; Années 1952-1996 ; Ardenne ; Belgique ; Couvert végétal ; Distribution spatiale ; Dynamique de versant ; Glissement de terrain ; Modèle numérique de terrain ; Mouvement de masse ; Photogrammétrie ; Précipitation ; Versant
  • The aim of this study is to better understand the current activity of the landslides in the Flemish Ardennes. Based on accurate multi-temporal digital terrain models (DTMs), the AA. map first the areas of ground movement, then they analyse
  • Ardenne ; Belgium ; Forecast ; Landslide ; Multivariate analysis ; Regression analysis ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Thematic map
  • will have the same causal factors as the landslides initiated in the past. Significant model results were obtained, with pre-landslide hillslope gradient and 3 different clayey lithologies being important predictor variables. Receiver Operating
  • Characteristics (ROC) curves and the Kappa index were used to validate the model. The results allow to conclude that the model is capable of predicting hillslope sections prone to landsliding.
  • A long flume study of the dynamic factors affecting the resistance of a loamy soil to concentrated flow erosion
  • Dynamics of soil erosion rates and controlling factors in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands - towards a sediment budget
  • Landslide ; Man-environment relations ; Mountain ; Natural hazards ; Precipitation ; Slope dynamics ; Slope gradient ; Soil properties ; Uganda
  • Ardenne ; Belgium ; Cartography ; Forest ; Inventory ; Landslide ; Photointerpretation ; Slope ; Slope dynamics
  • Rock fragments in soil: surface dynamics
  • In Mediterranean areas the dynamics of gully development act as an important indicator of desertification. However, little is known about the influence of climate and land-use changes, and almost no field data exist to assess the sensitivity
  • Arid area ; Ecosystem ; Mediterranean area ; Microrelief ; Plant species ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Slope gradient ; Soil erosion ; Spain ; Splash ; Valencia ; Water erosion
  • Biogeography ; Goats ; Grain size distribution ; Mountain ; Sediment transport ; Sheep ; Slide rocks ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Turkey