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  • Morfologie van een mijnstad The morphology of a mine town
  • The now disappeared mine-industry has had a great influence on the spatial form of the Dutch mine area and its regional centre Heerlen. One of the most imperative tasks for planners in the formely mine town is to avoid further crumbling
  • Spezielle Probleme des Wasserschutzes im Salinarbergbau. (Special problems of water protection in salt mining areas)
  • Eau ; Evaporite ; Géographie humaine ; Mine ; Mine de sel ; Protection de l'eau ; Ressource en eau ; Sédimentaire
  • and detritus areas in order to their optimisation in the Belorussian SSR
  • Amendement du sol ; Belorusskaja SSR ; Développement rural ; Géographie humaine ; Mine ; Mine abandonnée ; Mise en culture ; Méthode ; URSS d'Europe
  • Residential area characteristics and residential area homogeneity
  • The Segregation of socio-economic groups in urban areas: a comparative analysis
  • An innovative approach to planning in rural areas: the self-help layout
  • Planning in residential conservation areas
  • Analysis of public employment impact multipliers in depressed areas
  • Een Methode voor de studie van residentiële stadsdifferentiatie: de Social area analysis Une méthode pour l'étude de la différenciation résidentielle des villes: la Social area analysis
  • Conflict in the use of the coastal area. The present state of affairs in Japanese coastal area in Villes et ports.
  • An analysis of the distance parameter of spatial interaction model - A case of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area
  • This paper analyzes the distance parameter of spatial interaction model in the case of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. The friction of distance is measured by the effect of the behavioral component. The production constrained entropy maximizing
  • model is applied to the automobile traffic flows in the study area. - (SGA)
  • The persistence of family farming areas
  • The A. maps areas in the USA where family farming is strongest. Only one-third of US counties may be classified as agricultural| two thirds of these are concentrated in the Midwest. Family farming areas have remained quite stable since World War II
  • Migration, distance and service area
  • Migration is often used as one of the possible criteria in determining a service area by means of migration-distance models. In this article the zone of influence of a town will not be considered a disturbing factor but will on the contrary
  • this model fits the size distribution of cities in seven selected urban areas : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Hakodate, Hachinohe and Morioka areas, excluding the top rank city in each area. The result shows S. M. Guseyn-Zade's model is appropriate for Tokyo
  • , Osaka and Nagoya areas, and Zipf formula for the other areas. - (K. Abe).
  • Spezifik und Gemeinsamkeiten von Migrationsprozessen in ländlichen Gebieten sozialistischer Länder Specificity and communities of migration processes in rural areas of socialist countries
  • The author analyses the migration behaviour in rural areas of the GDR, the People's Republic of Hungary and the Slovac Socialist Republic. Allover the migration loss is compensated by excess of birth. - (IH)
  • Soil mercury pollution in the area surrounding the state oil refinery of Aspropirgos Greece
  • The objectives of this investigation were : a) to assess the contamination of soils with Hg in the area surrounding the state of oil refinery in Aspropirgos, Attiki| b) to study the forms in which mercury is fixed in the soil| and c) to study
  • Trade area mix and intensity concepts for evaluating retail site alternatives
  • Commerce de détail ; Concept ; Décision ; Géographie humaine ; Implantation ; Localisation ; Restaurant ; Stratégie ; Trade area intensity ; Trade area mix ; Volume des ventes
  • Inner areas as spatial labour markets: a critique of the inner area studies
  • Interactions between natural environment and the forms of environmental management in rural areas in Transformation of rural areas.
  • Administrative geography and reforms of the administrative areas in Hungary