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  • For making the geotechnical map of the Mons area, research has been based on archives : old drawings, plans and military maps, mine-working, maps of water-ways and rivers, aerial photographs, etc... Examining these documents has enabled several maps
  • to be drawn that show the cut-and-fill areas, the place where old quarries and mines were situated, tunnels and underground channels, levelled ash heaps, mine settlements, the base and levelling courses of fortifications. Several examples are given. - (Author).
  • A proposal for an equal area maps of the entire world on Mercator's projection
  • The transverse and oblique cylindrical equal-area projection of the ellipsoid
  • Automatic digitalization of area-oriented maps
  • Market-area analysis with a rectangular grid network
  • Rural areas as multinational space in Transformation of rural areas.
  • The large area crop inventory experiment (LACIE). Methodology for area, yield and production estimation in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • Gebiede en streke-n oorsig van die veranderenke plek van gebiedstudie in geografie. (Areas and regions-a review of the changing position of area studies in geography)
  • The paper traces the rise of regional geography during the later 19th and early 20th centuries, and its precipitous decline under the criticism of the quantifiers of the 1960's. The value of area studies lies in the unifying research object which
  • a specific area presents to geographers working from different paradigmatic viewpoints. Area studies may be resurrected by frankly accepting its idiographic base, and four guidelines are suggested for making such an approach more meaningful. (AJC).
  • Mapping NOAA-AVHRR imagery using equal-area radial projections
  • The advantages of registering NOAA-AVHRR imagery to the world graticule of latitude and longitude using equal area radial projection are described and illustrated with Normalized Vegetation index imagery.
  • Island biogeographic theory and conservation practice: species-area or specious-relationships?
  • The AA. present statistical techniques to evaluate species area regressions and models of faunal and floral collapse and apply these techniques to several recent examples from the literature.
  • Areas de influencia. Metodologia y procedimientos para delimitar superficies afectadas por un punto
  • Designing secondary school catchment areas using goal programming
  • Landsat MSS data used to determine the area of cultivated cropland. The size of the potential crop of each silo service area was determined.
  • Lake area measurement using AVHRR in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Developing areas research in British geography 1982-1987
  • Use of species-area relationships for analysis of biological atlas data
  • Planning the location of recreation centres in an urban area: a case study of Glasgow
  • Radiometric leaf area
  • The human settlements and services area 1981.
  • Happing solar access in high relief areas for regional energy planning