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  • Micromorphology and mineralogy of gullied soils in Anambra State, Nigeria
  • In this investigation the micromorphology and mineralogy of two gullied soils were studied. In addition the AA. evaluate the impact of soil erosion on the genesis of the soils and the contribution of the clay mineralogy on erosion processes.
  • Clay Mineralogy and Sedimentation in the Western Indian Ocean
  • Mangrove soils of Cuba and their mineralogical and geochemical characteristics
  • Mineralogy of iron oxides in two soil chronosequences of Central Spain
  • The AA. show how slight differences in the pedoenvironment give contrasting iron oxide mineralogies in the soils of two geographically close river terrace sequences of central Spain.
  • Alexander Evgenevic Fersman als Mineraloge (A. E. Fersman as a mineralogist)
  • The paper is dealing with a lot of interesting facts of the life of Fersman. The publications of Fersman in the field of mineralogy were analysed and recommended for studying. - (IH)
  • Mineralogical characterization and transport pathways of dune sand using Landsat TM data, Wahiba Sand Sea, Sultanate of Oman
  • Aeolian features ; Aeolian transport ; Arid area ; Carbonate ; Cluster analysis ; Dune ; LANDSAT ; Mineralogy ; Monsoon ; Oman ; Remote sensing ; Sand ; Thematic Mapper
  • Sand samples and Landsat imagery were used to characterize the spatial distribution of sand mineralogy, and to evaluate potential sources and transport pathways of sediment in the Wahiba Sand Sea in the Sultanate of Oman. Landsat TM data were useful
  • in the geomorphic interpretation of a desert, aeolian environment to distinguish the mineralogies found in the Wahiba area, and in extending the identification of sand mineralogy beyond the point-specific grid produced from field sampling.
  • Mineralogical and geochemical trends across the Loess Plateau, North China
  • China ; Geochemistry ; Heavy minerals ; Loess ; Mineralogy ; Plateau ; Sedimentology ; Shanxi ; Surface deposits
  • The objectives in this work were to investigate the mineralogy and major element geochemistry of the uppermost loess layer (Malan Loess) and some topsoils along two transects to determine: 1) the significance of any mineralogical and chemical
  • patterns and wether there are any significant differences between Malan Loess and the topsoil; 2) the relationship between mineralogy and major element chemistry of the loess and its fertility; 3) whether the distributions of heavy minerals and major
  • Morphology, mineralogy and exchange properties as related to geomorphic position of soils in Tiko plain, Coastal West Cameroon
  • The present paper examines the relationships between soil properties and their geomorphic position in the Tiko plain. The emphasis is on the mineralogy and the exchange properties of the soils.
  • Mineralogy in silty to loamy soils of Central and High Belgium in respect to autochtonous and allochtonous materials
  • Study of soils on loess in Central and in High Belgium, soils in situ on phyllites (High Belgium) and soils in old weathering loam in situ or on solifluction material in High Belgium. Physico-chemical, chemical and mineralogical data have been
  • On the mineralogical and petrological properties of the younger loess in Hungary in Loess and the Quaternary: Chinese and Hungarian case studies.
  • Loess in Hungary is divided into younger and older loess. The younger loess is subdivided by five forest steppe paleosols. A brief account is given of the mineralogical and petrological and grain size investigations of the individual horizons. (DLO).
  • Mineralogy and stratigraphy of three deep lateritic profiles of the Jos plateau (Central Nigeria)
  • Geochemistry ; K/Ar dating ; Laterite ; Mineralogy ; Nigeria ; Palaeo-environment ; Sedimentary ; Stratigraphy ; Volcanic rock ; Weathering
  • of mineralogical, paleontological, sedimentological and absolute K/Ar age of basalts, the profiles were placed into the transition from Paleogene to Neogene and stratigraphic correlation was suggested.
  • The clay mineralogy and age of deeply weathered rock in north-east Scotland in Weathered mantles (saprolites) over basement rocks of High Latitudes = Les manteaux d'altération sur les socles des Hautes Latitudes.
  • This paper is concerned with the clay mineralogy of the saprolites and its bearing on the problem of dating the period or periods under which the weathering took place. Data for 29 sites on the clay mineralogy of saprolites in different rock types
  • Recurrents events on a Quaternary fault recorded in the mineralogy and micromorphology of a weathering profile, Yangsan Fault System, Korea
  • Clay ; Fault ; Marine terrace ; Micromorphology ; Mineralogy ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary ; South Korea ; Tectonics ; Weathering
  • The AA. carried out mineralogical and micromorphological approaches for a deformed weathering profile and associated fault gouge to find recurrence characteristics from a microcopic point of view and report here a more complex cataclastic history
  • Mineralogy of dust deposited during the Harmattan season in Ghana
  • Aeolian dust ; Aeolian features ; Aeolian transport ; Africa ; Clay mineral ; Geochemistry ; Ghana ; Mineralogy ; Sahara ; West Africa ; Wind
  • The AA. studied samples of dust and topsoils in various agroecological zones, from the north to the south of Ghana, focussing mainly on the mineralogy of these materials. Some data about grain sizes and morphology of the samples are also presented
  • Relationships between clay mineralogy, hydrothermal metamorphism, and topography in a Western Cascades watershed, Oregon, USA
  • Clay mineral ; Hydrothermal ; Metamorphism ; Mineralogy ; Mudflow ; Oregon ; Slope dynamics ; United States of America ; Volcanic rock ; Watershed
  • This study investigates variation in clay mineralogy and its relation to hydrothermal metamorphism, hillslope processes, and topography in the western Cascade Mountains. The study area is the drainage basin of Dorena Lake, a medium-sized watershed
  • Linear dunes near the Orange River : origin, mineralogy and climate
  • Essential problems concerning the mineralogy and physical chemistry of solonetzic soils in relation to their reclamation
  • Mineralogy and formation of some soils of the Belgian Ardennes
  • Clay mineralogical trend in alluvium-derived soils of Pakistan