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  • . The OSL age estimates have been determined for 3 commonly used quartz grain size fractions (coarse, middle and fine grain). The results suggest at least 2 phases of loess deposition and preservation around 70 ka and 30 ka to 22 ka confirmed by previous
  • The Saxony-Anhalt loess belt, the upper part of the Quaternary profile Zeuchfeld has been reinvestigated. The profile is well known for its sandur (Zeuchfeld Sandur) situated at the base of the profile, assumed to be of Late Saalian age (MIS 6
  • ). Here, OSL quartz age estimates for the overlying loess deposits from the last glacial-interglacial cycle are reported. Furthermore, the underlying sandur has been sampled for conventional SAR dating on quartz and IR-RF dating on potassium rich feldspar
  • assumptions based on field work and recent pedo- and lithostratigraphic correlation. In contrast, the quartz SAR and the IR-RF measurements from the underlying sandur yield a substantially older (pre-Saalian) age. The reasons for the assumed age overestimation
  • Bavaria ; C 14 dating ; Canal ; Germany ; Hydraulic works ; Jura ; Lacustrine sediment ; Middle Ages ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeoclimate ; Peat ; Stratigraphy ; Watershed
  • Allemagne ; Aménagement hydraulique ; Bassin-versant ; Bayern ; Canal ; Datation C 14 ; Fossa Carolina ; Jura ; Moyen Age ; Paléo-environnement ; Paléoclimat ; Stratigraphie ; Sédiment lacustre ; Tourbe
  • reveal High Medieval ages. This ongoing study does not prove the use of the fosse as a canal during Carolingian times yet.
  • tool in landscape interpretation. Due to the small number of numerical ages, the landscape model at Mount Kalkriese has to be considered preliminary.
  • The AA. present a relative sea-level (RSL) curve for the island of Bonaire (S Caribbean). They used 42 C ages from 20 sediment cores taken from 9 different sedimentary archives along the coast. The sedimentary environment of each index point