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  • The Little Ice Age : re-evaluation of an evolving concept
  • Climate ; Climatic variation ; Concept ; Glacier ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Little ice age ; Model ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Palaeoclimatology
  • This review focuses on the development of the Little Ice Age as a glaciological and climatic concept, and evaluates its current usefulness in the light of new data on the glacier and climatic variations of the last millennium and of the Holocene
  • . It is concluded that the concept of a Little Ice Age will remain useful only by : continuing to incorporate the temporal and spatial complexities of glacier and climatic variations as they become better known; reflecting improved understanding of the Earth
  • Holocene carbonate precipitates on Precambrian bedrock in the High Arctic : age and potential for palaeoclimatic information
  • The aim of this article is : to describe the occurrence in a High Arctic area of some of these white carbonate deposits; to report the results of C 14 age determinations obtained so far from the vicinity of Cape Herschel and elsewhere to give
  • Climatic variability ; Cold area ; Europe ; Geochemistry ; Ice ; Ice core ; Isotope analysis ; Little ice age ; Northern Europe ; Oxygen 18 ; Palaeoclimatology ; Scandinavia ; Twentieth Century
  • in this climatic environment can be useful in revealing environmental conditions from climatically colder periods and yield pre-industrial benchmark values for chemical loading and oxygen isotopes, but that hiatuses complicate the depth-age relationship.
  • . This reconstruction is also compared with two multi-millennial temperature proxy records from northern Fennoscandia as well as a Northern Hemisphere composite tree-ring chronology regarding the postulated periods such as the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.
  • Norway and New Zealand both experienced recent glacial advances, commencing in the early 1980s and ceasing around 2000, which were more exensive than any other since the end of the Little Ice Age. Common to both countries, the positive glacier