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  • an ageing in the radiocarbon dates due to the hard-water effect and to the unique chemical and hence biological character of recently deglaciated terrain. Means of detecting the presence of these errors and the possibility of their removal by laboratory pre
  • are likely to be in error, the most probable errors resulting in an ageing of the sample and hence too early an estimate of deglaciation. Throughout, examples are taken from the Lateglacial period in the Scottish Highlands.
  • in altitude to the SW with a regional gradient of 0,13 m/km. It is suggested that the feature was formed by periglacial shore erosion during the Loch Lomond Stadial (Younger Dryas) and is of the same age as the Norwegian Main Line (P12). It is also proposed
  • and the support of absolute age determinations. Ostracod faunal studies in Scandinavia need to be undertaken to provide the information on which to base comparisons for north-west Europe.