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  • The geography of ageing and the aged : towards an integrated perspective
  • The geographic literature in aging and old age: an introduction
  • A mover/stayer approach to residential mobility of the aged
  • Selective factors in aged migration have only rarely been explored within a multivariate framework. In this paper a conceptual framework of the decision process of aged households is formalized in terms of these selective factors and evaluated using
  • largest aged sub-populations (husband-wife households, and women living alone), and suggests future directions for research.
  • Estimation and cluster analysis of net migration age profiles for urban areas in England and Wales
  • Age time and calendar time: two facets of the residential mobility process
  • An economic analysis of forest taxation's impact on optimal rotation age
  • Introduction: the global geography of contemporary capitalism in Restructuring in the age of global capital.
  • Intraurban residential mobility of the aged
  • The age of capital and state unemployment rates
  • Analysis of population age balance
  • Age and educational dimensions of recent U.S. migration reversal
  • On the demography of aging
  • Analysing geographical variations in mortality: age-specific and summary measures
  • Children varying in age from 7 to 13 were asked to build a city with modeling toys. The products show a clear development with age which is described as a transition from an egocentric to a topocentric phase. The manipulation of physical structure
  • . As a result, the topocentric quality of the products is most pronounced in the highest age-group.
  • In the wake of nuclear war-possible worlds in an age of scientific expertise
  • Demographic conditions responsible for population aging
  • Age moyen ; Classe d'âge ; Etats-Unis ; Evolution démographique ; Géographie humaine ; Mortalité ; Méthodologie ; Natalité ; Population ; Structure démographique ; Vieillissement de la population
  • The role of age in the decision to migrate
  • 1965-1970 ; Age ; Comportement ; Comportement migratoire ; Emploi ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Migration ; Modèle économétrique ; Population active ; Taux migratoire
  • Age, productivité et salaires
  • Age ; Catégorie socio-professionnelle ; Classe d'âge ; Econométrie ; Géographie humaine ; Population active ; Productivité ; Salaire ; Secteur d'activité ; Système économique ; Travail ; Vieillissement
  • Die Transhumanz (Wanderschafhaltung) der europäischen Mittelmeerländer im Mittelalter in historischer, geographischer und volkskundlicher Sicht.. (La transhumance dans les pays de l'Europe méditerranéenne au Moyen Age. Une approche historique
  • Europe ; Europe méditerranéenne ; Géographie historique ; Géographie humaine ; Moyen Age ; Pastoral ; Transhumance