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  • Ages of granites and associated mineralisation in the Herberton tinfield of northeast Queensland
  • Age radiométrique ; Australie ; Cristallin ; Datation Rb-Sr ; Granite ; Géochronologie ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Queensland
  • Age and origin of longitudinal dunes in the Simpson and other sand ridge deserts
  • Age composition and agricultural systems: a reappraisal
  • A new railway age in Australia?
  • , with special reference to the dune topography of the Nepean Peninsula, and the cliffs and shore platforms cut in dune calcarenite on the southern (ocean) coastline. Cliff sections show buried soils, the older terra rossae and rendzinas being of Pleistocene age
  • , while the younger, black organic soils are of Holocene age, with intervening horizons of aeolian deposition. Karstic weathering features are described. (E.C.F. BIRD).
  • et al., 1983) and report ages from six of the seven terraces at Pakarae River and from several levels at Puatai Beach and Waihau Bay.
  • An attempt to estimate, with assumptions, the age of lines of elevated notches carved in limestone cliffs in Maré (Loyalty Islands) and in Makatea (Tuamotu Islands). (P.A. Pirazzoli.
  • with the lava flows. Stony rises are widespread and it is deduced that a lava tube mechanism was in operation to produce such long flows. A new date for the volcano is 1,8 m.y., which is inconsistent with ages of about 0,3 m.y. reported from basalts near Port
  • . to its present position No evidence for secondary oscillations of sea-level has been found. The average recurrence interval of major ridge-building storm is about 80 yr. Statistics of the series of storm-ridge ages do not show any identifiable changes
  • Lake Omeo is a relic of a more extensive lake formed when a basalt flow, dated as Upper Pliocene in age, dammed the flow of Morass Creek. This larger lake is referred to as Lake Morass. Downfaulting of part of the Lake Omeo basin and upthrow