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  • ESR ages of Middle Pleistocene corals from the Ryukyu Islands in XIII INQUA Congress issue.
  • Electron spin resonance ages of 11 corals from the lower part of the Ryukyu Group, Japan can be classified into two groups (about 600,000 and 800,000 yr). The result indicates that the lower part of the Ryukyu Group is correlated to at least two
  • 1991
  • Loess near Luochan was sampled for thermoluminescence (TL) dating simultaneously with magnetic susceptibility measurements to provide the first independent age estimates on a susceptibility record from the Loess Plateau of China.
  • 1991
  • at the same time in an interglacial period following the age of maximum medioquaternary glaciation. It is necessary to research further for the prognostication of ways of the cover and relief transformation. - (L'A.).
  • 1991
  • paleosols, TL, paleomagnetic and fission track dating techniques have been applied to determine the age of the loess horizons. Correlations are made with the terrace of the Yellow River and oxygen isotope curves of the Pacific deep-sea cores and the Vostok
  • 1991