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  • A linear regression between lens weight and age was found in 24 dormice aged 1.5 to 6.0 months. The estimaded value of the lens weight was given by the following equation Y = 27, 448 X + 70, 801. The upper and lower limits of the confidence
  • intervals were calculated. The age of 41 wild dormice was estimated by the inverse prediction method of Sokal and Rohlf (1969). The estimated age thus established was in agreement with estimates based on other morphological and behavioural criteria
  • 1981
  • The correspondence analysis method has been used to ordinate a sample of 88 wild garden dormice in four age groups. The first three groups include animals which have not yet passed through their first, second and third hibernation periods
  • respectively. The last group corresponds to individuals which have hibernated more than three times. The body weight of the garden dormice, together with the condylobasal lenght and bizygomatic width of their skulls, are good indicators of age.
  • 1981