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  • Mid-Pleistocene cosmogenic minimum-age limits for pre-Wisconsinan glacial surfaces in southwestern Minnesota and southern Baffin Island : a multiple nuclide approach
  • , including significant periods of partial or complete shielding from cosmic rays. The data demonstrate that exposure ages and erosion rates calculated from single nuclides can underestimate surface stability dramatically because any intermittent burial
  • Use of cosmogenic 35S for comparing ages of water from three alpine-subalpine basins in the Colorado Front Range
  • time of water. In this paper, the effect of basin morphology on the release of snowmelt water to surface streams is explored. The activity of 35S is used to compare the estimated ages of water exiting 3 small alpine-subalpine basins in north-central
  • Cosmogenic 3He ages and frequency of late Holocene debris flows from Prospect Canyon, Grand Canyon, USA
  • established by this study, an attempt is made to determine the ages of the 2 faulting events in Pleasant Valley, northern Nevada, prior to the historic 1915 earthquake and the most recent event in the South Oquirrh Mountain fault zone, near Stockton
  • . By measuring 10Be and 26Al profiles, the AA. constrain the exposure age and the mean CRN inheritance for the deposit. Here they report their attempts to date terraces along the Wind River, which are inferred to reflect oscillation between glacial