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  • The microeconomics of peasant economy, China, 1920-1940.
  • Microeconomic estimates of housing depreciation
  • Microeconomic formulation and estimation of a residential location choice model : implications for the value of time
  • Alternative uses of spatial microeconomics
  • Central place populations: a microeconomic consideration
  • , using entropy maximisation or other methods not in line with the philosophy of microeconomic equilibrium analysis, is required.
  • Distance ; Economic integration ; Isolation ; Microeconomics ; Model ; Peripheral region ; Public finance ; Spatial economy
  • , by means of microeconomic simulations of the housing market, examines whether their findings are systematic or rather an empirical exception. Under a perfect price mechanism, segregation already arises within the divided city and remains even after
  • . This methodology is suitable for articulating microeconomic theories of urban processes including planning. The AA. present a simulation of cities evolving under two alternative planning regimes. At one level, the model articulates the Coasian invariance theorem