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  • Informatics and cartography
  • The cartographic modelling starts from classic to modern informatic sources. Cartographic informatics brings into cartography new methodic instruments and contribvutes also to the knowledge of the aspects of cartographic products and to the language
  • De informaticasector in Nederland tussen rijp en groen. Een ruimetlijk-economische analyse. The informatics industry in the Netherlands, growing nicely?
  • In this PH. D. thesis, attention is focussed on the spatial distribution of the informatics sector, the locational requirements and the importance of the informatics firms for the urban and regional economy. - (ADG)
  • Geoinformatika és/vagy foldrajzi informatika? (Geoinformatics and/or geographical informatics?)
  • is evaluated from the view point of informatics. Perspectives for Geographical Informations Systems are outlined. (DLO).
  • Using geo-informatics for development of rural roads under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna
  • Geographical study on changes in the spatial structure of the distribution system by informatization
  • The more and more use of informatic tools, linked with cartographic or satellite images resources, requests attention in order to estimating errors about localization data in a defined frame. - (NF)
  • Thiss paper describes how to combine GIS with geo-informatics and geography to simulate the wetland changes happened in Jianghan Plain in the middle reaches of the Yantze River in the last 40 years, and present the results. The environmental
  • Problem regions and regional problems of socioeconomic development in China : A perspective from the coordinated development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization
  • The coordinated development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization (hereinafter referred to as Sihua) is not only a practical need but an important strategic direction of integrating urban-rural
  • , originating from informatics and spatial data processing, have been transferred to the field of visualization, in which they are often ill founded and incorrect. - (EN)
  • According to the developed new theories, cartography could have been part of the science of communication, semiotics, linguistics, model theories and informatics. However, these theories have not become an integral part of cartography; have
  • Le micro-credit, outil de financement pour les micro-entreprises dans les pays en developpement : le cas du Perou
  • Lima - Perou - Amerique du Sud - Amerique - Micro-credit - Institutions financieres - Organisations non gouvernementales - Micro-entreprises
  • [b1] Dep. of Agrometeorology and Applied Informatics, Inst. of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, Pulawy, Pologne
  • [b1] Center for Spatial Analytics and Geocomputation, College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, Etats-Unis
  • measure of complexity and not a surrogate measure, well supported by the literature of Informatics; b) it is easy to apply to landscapes of ‘small' size’ c) it can be used to compare the complexity of two or more landscapes; d) it allows calculations
  • L'utilisation de la micro-informatique
  • Accès à l'information ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Géographie ; Information ; Informatique ; Micro-ordinateur ; Traitement des données
  • Vue d'ensemble sur les composantes d'un micro-ordinateur et sur des domaines d'utilisation en géographie. L'architecture d'un micro-ordinateur est analysée sous l'angle de l'unité centrale, des périphériques de communication avec une mention
  • spéciale aux périphériques graphiques| les différents niveaux de logiciels sont ensuite passés en revue. Le géographe peut utiliser le micro-ordinateur pour la collecte des données ou l'accès à celles-ci, le traitement de ces données, la communication des
  • Micro-communes et polarisation de l'espace local
  • An appraisal of some recent micro-hydro-installations in Nepal
  • Le micro credit : l empowerment des femmes ivoiriennes
  • A utilizaçao das contabilidades micro e macroeconomicas em geografia. (Utilisation des comptabilités micro et macroéconomiques en géographie)
  • Techniques micro-infographiques
  • Cartographie automatique ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Infographie ; Information ; Micro-informatique ; Traitement graphique
  • Le terme infographie est utilisé pour désigner un procédé d'obtention d'une image par un traitement informatique. L'A. expose les possibilités de développement de systèmes infographiques autonomes par l'utilisation de micro-ordinateurs plus