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  • Growth of medium sized towns in India in Southern Asia-Geography of contrast.
  • Causal mechanisms of motorization in the medium-sized local cities of Japan : a cross-section analysis in 1990
  • Japan ; Medium-sized town ; Multivariate analysis ; Transport system ; Urban traffic ; Urban transport
  • This paper considers the present state of proliferation by applying some statistical methods to a set of cross-sectional data, an array of transportation and socio-economic variables in 1990 for each of eighty-four medium-sized cities located
  • The medium-size towns in the conurbations of the GDR represent the secondary knots in the settlement network and concentration points of population, industry and infrastructure. They are political, economic and intellectual-cultural centres
  • and therefore have significant caretaking and supplying functions for a certain fringe area. Importance and features of the secondary knots depend on their location within the settlement network and the size of the population. While the small medium-size towns
  • are located in the agglomeration and the fringe area, the large medium-size towns are usually placed in the distinctly marginal positions. The secondary knots are at present the focal points in the urbanization process. The medium-size towns provide good
  • conditions for their further development, due to their economic role, their potential labour force, their favourable infrastructural features and their resources, combined with advantageous relations of town location and fringe area.
  • Redevelopment of a medium-sized central shopping area: a case study of Clydebank
  • to underline the difficulties of traditional centres. This study examines the changing character of the central shopping area of a medium sized town undergoing redevelopment| and assesses the spatial, functional, and financial impact of a new in-town regional
  • Many of Britain's towns and cities are confronted by the problems which arise from a retail structure inherited from the nineteenth century. The growth of planned regional shopping centres and the advent of superstores and hypermarkets have tended
  • Germany ; Medium-sized town ; Small town ; United Kingdom ; Urban area ; Urban network ; Urban region
  • within the context of a fast growing European region in which small and medium sized towns form a network of urban centres. - (IFL)
  • The focus of this issue is on the specific role, the potentials, chances and problems of small and medium sized cities in large city regions. Urban region models are given as a theoretical basis and the dynamic and stability of this kind of cities
  • in Germany is explained on different examples (Rheinbach near Bonn and Fürstenwalde in the Berlin region). In contrast to the German cases one article describes the role of small and medium sized cities in the mega-city region around the world city London
  • International perspectives on the definition of intermediate size cities : South African applications
  • City size ; Concept ; Medium-sized town ; Regional planning ; South Africa ; Town
  • New approaches to promoting the development of small and medium-sized towns within technical cooperation programmes in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • City size ; Concept ; Definition ; Globalization ; Innovation ; Local development ; Medium-sized town ; Second order urban centre ; Sustainable development ; Town ; Urban system
  • Demography ; Germany ; Greifswald ; Mecklenburg-West Pomerania ; Medium-sized town ; Post-communism ; Town ; University ; Urban development
  • Located in the sparsely populated northern German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Greifswald is a medium-sized city located by the Baltic Sea. The article describes the history and the urban development. The paper deals with the socio-economic
  • Urban land-use in the core area of medium-sized danish towns
  • City-hinterland regions of large cities and medium-sized towns in the GDR in Population and settlement structure. Analytical and policy approaches.
  • Medium-sized cities and renewal strategies
  • Brand image ; Centrality ; Economic integration ; Economic strategy ; Information ; Medium-sized town ; Sweden ; Town ; Urban function ; Urban network ; Urban system
  • Chile ; Medium-sized town ; Regional metropolis ; Urbanism
  • Business district ; Hungary ; Impact ; Large town ; Medium-sized town ; Town ; Urban structure
  • functional pattern of the Hungarian large- and medium-sized towns is getting more and more similar to those of Western Europe. Within Hungarian cities non-residential functions are expanding, due to the rise of CBD, the development of suburban shopping
  • The internal structure of Hungarian towns has gone through gradual changes after 1989-90. These changes were generated by the re-establishment of market economy and tendencies of desurbanisation. As a consequence of these changes the internal
  • City size ; Concept ; Definition ; France ; Medium-sized town ; Spain ; Town ; United Kingdom ; Urban function
  • rôle fonctionnel sont assez proches, l'expression medium-sized town ne constitue, pour les chercheurs britanniques, qu'une facilité de langage faisant essentiellement référence à la taille des villes.
  • Residential segregation in a medium-sized post-Soviet city : Ust'-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
  • Enquiry ; Ethnic community ; Kazakhstan ; Land use ; Medium-sized town ; Segregation ; Socio-economic system ; Spatial differentiation ; Urban area ; Urban structure
  • A spatial analysis of small and medium sized information technology firms in Canada and the importance of local connections to institutions of higher education
  • Agglomeration ; Canada ; Communication ; Enterprise ; High-tech industry ; Higher education ; Industrial location ; Information ; Research and development ; Small and medium sized enterprises ; Town ; University
  • Housing and public services in a medium-sized Russian city : case study of Tomsk
  • Asian part of Russia ; Cartography ; Educational establishment ; Housing ; Infrastructure ; Medical services ; Medium-sized town ; Public service ; Public transport ; Social indicators ; Tomsk ; Urban settlement ; West Siberia
  • Development of small and medium-sized towns in India: experience and policy implications in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • France ; Inner city ; Medium-sized town ; Pays de la Loire ; Town planning ; Trade ; Vendée