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  • Internationalisation as company and industry colonisation: the frozen meat industry in New Zealand in the 1900s
  • Agribusiness ; Capitalism ; Industrial branch ; Industry ; International economy ; Internationalization ; Market ; Meat ; New Zealand
  • and illustrated with examples drawn from the frozen meat industry in New Zealand.
  • Distribution and use of the black-boned and black-meated chicken in Mexico and Guatemala
  • Grain forecast for world meat production this year
  • Number and species, production of poultry meat, egg production, organization of poultry farming in the socialized sector, poultry meat preparations, exports and imports, consumption, modernization of production.
  • Representations of restructuring in the meat-packing industry of Victoria
  • Australia ; Capitalism ; Flexible accumulation ; Industrial restructuring ; Industry ; Meat ; Post-Fordism ; Social change ; Victoria
  • Livestock breeding and the meat industry, 1975-1980
  • Flexibility in production through subcontracting: the case of the poultry meat industry in Greece
  • Between luminaires and meat grinders : international trade fairs as temporary clusters
  • Regional food imbalances in the USSR : The example of meat in 1970
  • Soviet meat and grain 1981-1985: output projections
  • Number of animals, breed patern and mode of raising, forms of cooperation between the socialized and primate sectors, production, export and imports, consumption of bovine meat and milk.
  • Household income diversification and the production of local meat : the prospect of small-scale pig farming in Southern Yunnan, China
  • integrated companies in meat production field. The Monfort of Colorado is an exemplary case and its industrial processes are described in the following article. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, near Denver, the company breeds 500 000 oxes each year
  • | after Cargill, the giant of cereal trade, the Monfort of Colorado is the second meat firm. (Ed.).
  • Communications, innovation, and territory : the production network of Swift Meat Packing and the creation of a national US market
  • Only. 001 percent of Alaska is in cropland, concentrated near the cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks, and on the Kenai Peninsula. Potato and vegetable production is not subsidized whereas milk and meat receive government assistance without which
  • Cultural studies ; Food ; Food habit ; Meat ; Value system
  • Agribusiness ; Brittany ; France ; Industry ; Meat
  • Agribusiness ; Agroindustry ; Basse-Normandie ; Dairy industry ; Data ; France ; Meat
  • , rising prices and shifting consumer habits suggest that use of this meat has reached its peak.
  • In the paper the three-and-a-half years'activity of the agrarian-industrial complex (a special kind of economic organization) is investigated in detail. The sphere of activities developed and coordinated jointly: cereal-meat production complex