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  • Mauritius economic review, 1971-1975. Mauritius 1975-1980
  • L'Isola Mauritius
  • Ethnicity, community and the census in Mauritius, 1830-1990
  • Demographic change ; Ethnic composition ; Island ; Mauritius ; Population
  • From labour lines to urban living : health transition in Mauritius
  • Cause of death ; Development ; Epidemic;Disease outbreak ; Health ; Islands ; Life expectancy ; Mauritius ; Morbidity ; Mortality ; Social change
  • Le rappresentazioni cartografiche di Mauritius nei secoli XVI, XVII e XVIII
  • Après avoir traité brièvement le problème de la localisation de Mauritius sur les cartes portugaises du XVI siècle, l'A. s'arrête à examiner les représentations cartographiques les plus détaillées de cette île, exécutées par les Hollandais, les
  • University of Mauritius. Port-Louis, Maurice
  • Einflüsse der Landnutzung auf die Gewässerqualität des Grand River North West (GRNW) (Mauritius)
  • Mauritius ; Water ; Water pollution ; Water quality ; Water use
  • The rapid economical and social processing on Mauritius has forced an enormous pollution. Especially rivers and lakes have been contaminated and because of that also in the lagoons and riffs in front of the island are affected. The main polluters
  • Erosion modelling and soil loss prediction under changing land use for a catchment in Mauritius
  • Agricultural land use ; Diversification ; Erosion rate ; Land use ; Mauritius ; Model ; Soil erosion ; Sugar cane ; Watershed
  • Sugar cane cultivation is the dominant form of agriculture on Mauritius, but the industry is facing increasing financial constraints that will probably lead to greater diversity in land use. Soil erosion models were tested for two alternative crops
  • Fertility decline in Mauritius : the role of malthusian population pressure
  • Birth control ; Demographic behaviour ; Demographic change ; Demographical transition ; Demography ; Fertility ; Islands ; Mauritius ; Population growth ; Population policy ; Population pressure ; Population structure ; Regional disparities
  • Mauritius. Erfolgsgeschichte eines Entwicklungslandes.
  • Agribusiness ; Development ; Economic development ; Globalization ; Industry ; Liberalisation ; Mauritius ; Poverty ; Textile industry ; Unemployment
  • Vulkaninseln als Modelle tropischer Reliefgenese. Dargestellt am Beispiel von Hawaii, La Réunion und Mauritius (Les îles volcaniques comme modèle de la genèse des reliefs tropicaux. Exemple de Hawaii, de La Réunion et de l'île Maurice)
  • Mauritius sugar industry research institute, Maurice
  • The remote Mascarene island of Rodrigues, administered from Mauritius, has been largely transformed in the 300 years since human settlement began there. - (DWG)
  • Erodibility ; Island ; Mauritius ; Methodology ; Soil erosion ; Tropical climate ; Tropical zone ; Water erosion
  • Using Mauritius as a case study, the value of high-resolution data versus long-term totals in erosivity calculations is investigated. Rainfall data between 2003 and 2008 from automated weather stations at 4 locations ( 2 on the west coast : Albion
  • through annual and monthly rainfall totals, substantially higher erosivity than the Erosivity Index (EI) method was calculated in both regions. This stems from the large amount of non-erosive rainfall that is generated on Mauritius. The AA. suggest
  • [b3] Fac. of Science, Univ. of Mauritius, Reduit, Maurice
  • [b4] Mauritius Meteorological Services, Vacoas, Maurice
  • The effects of change in land use on the hydrological regimes of three small basins in Mauritius in The influence of Man on the hydrological regime with special reference to representative and experimental basins.
  • Forest ; Mauritius ; Nature conservation
  • Flora ; Mauritius ; Natural park ; Nature conservation ; Vegetation
  • The linear relationship found between the surface area of the three islands of the Mascarene Archipelago (Réunion, Mauritius and Rodrigues) and the species richness of native bats birds and reptiles agrees with the predictions of the theory
  • Altitude ; Erosivity ; Island ; Kinetic energy ; Mauritius ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variation ; Soil erosion ; Tropical zone ; Volcanic rock ; Water erosion
  • On Mauritius, erosive storm events are found to differ markedly between the coastal lowlands and the elevated interior with regard to the frequency, the total rainfall generated, the duration, total kinetic energy, and total erosivity of individual
  • [b3] Mauritius Meteorological Services, Vacoas, Maurice
  • Industrialisation and labour market trends in Newly Emerging Countries : a case study of Mauritius
  • Competitiveness ; Developing countries ; Economic growth ; Economic indicators ; Foreign worker ; Income ; Industrial employment ; Industrialization ; Island ; Labour market ; Labour productivity ; Mauritius ; Sugar