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  • Az észak-magyarorszagi korzet foutvonalhalozatanak matrix-algebrai elemzése. (A matrix-algebraic analysis of the main road network of the North-Hungarian economic region)
  • The graph theory and the matrix algebraic method of J. Taafe and L. Gauthier is applied to describe the topological structure of the network. It is shown that the most accessible areas are not in the geographical centre of the region
  • A comparative analysis of the economic movements on the basis of a growth matrix
  • Distcorrelation matrix: a spatial correlation trend analysis
  • Distance correlation matrix (DISTCORMAT) is a new spatial trend analysis that correlates spatial variables against the distance to every variable point. This method is applied to locate the center of on urban heat island, where the imput
  • Macierz korelacji czy kowariancji? Niektore zagadnienia ana izy czynnikowej. (The correlation versus covariance matrix: some factor analytical questions)
  • There are a number of operations alternative in their character in factor analysis. It is inter alia the correlation versus covariance matrix choice question. Answer the question of which of the matrices is more appropriate in geographical research
  • was the principal aim of the empirical analysis. The analysis concerned the urbanization pattern in Poland. (d'après l'A.).
  • Geomorphology ; Hydrology ; Matrix analysis ; Model ; Regression analysis ; Statistics
  • This study demonstrates that the utility of simultaneous-equation analysis is limited for fluvial systems by inherent multicollinearity among hydrologic and morphologic variables.
  • Input-output cross analysis: a theoretical account
  • Input-output model ; Mathematics ; Matrix analysis ; Methodology ; Multiplicator ; Regional accounting ; Regional economy
  • scheme of additive as well as multiplicative decompositions of the Leontief-inverse, reflecting the hierarchical decomposition of the matrix of input coefficients into the sum of crosses.
  • The role of the Alaska seafood industry : a social accounting matrix (SAM) model approach to economic base analysis
  • Alaska ; Economic base ; Economic sector ; Economy ; Industrial branch ; Matrix analysis ; Methodology ; Model
  • Using AMOEBA to create a spatial weights matrix and identify spatial clusters
  • Cluster analysis ; Matrix analysis ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial statistics ; Statistics
  • Distance ; Econometry ; Error ; Estimation ; Matrix analysis ; Modelling ; Regression analysis ; Space time ; Spatial analysis ; Statistics
  • Matrix analysis ; Regression analysis ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Statistics ; Test
  • Error ; Forecast ; Matrix analysis ; Monte Carlo analysis ; Simulation ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Statistics
  • A benefit incidence matrix for urban transport improvement
  • Cost-benefit analysis ; Economic equilibrium ; Household behaviour ; Industrial location ; Probability ; Project ; Residential location ; Urban transport ; Utility function
  • A dynamic spatial weight matrix and localized space-time autoregressive integrated moving average for network modeling
  • England ; London ; Matrix analysis ; Space time ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Spatial dynamics ; Spatial weighting ; Statistics ; Transport network ; United Kingdom ; Urban traffic ; Urban transport
  • Classification ; Cluster analysis ; Data analysis ; Factor analysis ; Handbook ; Matrix analysis ; Multivariate analysis ; Principal components analysis ; Statistics
  • Eigenvalue ; Matrix analysis ; Methodology ; Model ; Monte Carlo analysis ; Regression analysis ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial weighting
  • of the spatial weights matrix provides a very rapid resolution. Analytical eigenvalues are available for large regular grids. But for larger problems solving the eigenproblem may not be feasible, and a number of alternatives have been proposed. The article
  • Matrix analysis ; Regression analysis ; Simulation ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Statistics
  • The eigendecomposition of the spatial weighting matrix is used to propose a new view of the Moran coefficient based on its interpretation in the simple context of linear regression. This interpretation demonstrates the different properties of MC
  • and also the inefficiency of this index in some situations. New statistics and procedures are proposed for testing spatial autocorrelation, and a simulation study is conducted. The real data set concerns the analysis of mosquito counts in the urban area
  • Matrix analysis ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Spatial structure ; Statistics ; Test
  • Autoregressive process ; Forecast ; Industrial branch ; Industry ; Matrix analysis ; Minnesota ; Model ; Spatial analysis ; Time series ; United States of America
  • Principal component analysis of Belgian rainfall
  • ) the neighbourhood of the sea, (4) the mean pressure gradient. At the computational level, it is also shown how to operate with a large correlation matrix and a small number of observations. - (Authors).
  • Autoregressive process ; Matrix analysis ; Model ; Regional science ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial statistics ; Statistics