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  • Analysis of fault block movement by the 1995 Kobe earthquake
  • Azimuthal analysis of stream orientations to define regional tectonic lines
  • This paper intends to present observations of geomorphic and geologic evidence in the Eastern Andan foothills of Colombia and Venezuela, where a well-developed-fold-and-thrust belt is currently growing. In this type of tectonic setting, the analysis
  • This paper reports the investigations aimed at defining some aspects of Quaternary landscape features and their relationships to tectonic structures. The fundamental principles of, and assumptions about, landsurface analysis are presented. After
  • Results of the geomorphological analysis of bathymetric and dredge data, obtained in 1985-1990 during several cruises of Russian research vessels in the area between 12°N and 17°N near the Kyushu-Palau Ridge juncture with the Central Basin Fault
  • Field observation combined with remote sensing, employing both Landsat images and aerial photographs, and the analysis of topographic, geomorphological and geological maps show that the regional contrasts in seismicity and associated tectonic
  • was carried out by the integration of chronological and kinematic constraints deriving from a vast geological literature with those obtained by a geomorphological analysis. The latter was addressed to recognition and distinction of the main stages