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  • Distcorrelation matrix: a spatial correlation trend analysis
  • Distance correlation matrix (DISTCORMAT) is a new spatial trend analysis that correlates spatial variables against the distance to every variable point. This method is applied to locate the center of on urban heat island, where the imput
  • Macierz korelacji czy kowariancji? Niektore zagadnienia ana izy czynnikowej. (The correlation versus covariance matrix: some factor analytical questions)
  • There are a number of operations alternative in their character in factor analysis. It is inter alia the correlation versus covariance matrix choice question. Answer the question of which of the matrices is more appropriate in geographical research
  • was the principal aim of the empirical analysis. The analysis concerned the urbanization pattern in Poland. (d'après l'A.).
  • The validity of Direct Factor Analysis (DFA) which acts on the crossproducts matrix an alternative input matrix proposed by this paper is evaluated. Some previous applications of DFA are examinated with first the central place theory and second
  • the transport network analysis. (SGA).
  • A palya-analizis alkalmazasa a területi kutatasokban. (Application of path analysis in regional research)
  • Analyse multivariée ; Cluster analysis ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Hongrie ; Mathématique ; Méthodologie ; Recherche régionale ; Type de peuplement
  • The brief description of the method is followed by a possible application (for the establishment of types of settlements in Hungary). The subjectivity of factor-analyses can be reduced by path analysis.
  • Theoretische Grundlagen der Arealstrukturanalyse. (Theoretical fundamentals of area structure analysis)
  • Areal structure analysis ; Espace ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Méthodologie ; Paysage ; Structure spatiale
  • Areal structure analysis is a general method to investigate our natural environment. It is based on the knowledge of the general specific laws governing the structure formation of the landscape sphere. (HL).
  • Some aspects of the multivariate analysis of spatial structures in European progress in spatial analysis.
  • An application of correspondence analysis in urban geography compared with cluster analysis and principal component analysis
  • Statistical analysis on microcomputer
  • Some application of supercomputers in urban and regional analysis and modelling
  • An approach to objective collection and analysis of data for comparison of Landscape character
  • Quantitative methods : regression analysis
  • Principles of ecosystem modelling in Analysis of marine ecosystems.
  • Computer programs for the analysis of categorical data
  • Model selection in analyzing spatial groups in regression analysis
  • Market-area analysis with a rectangular grid network
  • Principal components analysis and factor analysis in geographical research: some problems andissues
  • The measurement of efficiency in multiunit public services in Special issue on quantitative methods and policy analysis.
  • Administration ; Data Envelopment Analysis ; Efficacité ; Evaluation des résultats ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Mathématique ; Mesure ; Programmation linéaire ; Service public
  • Les performances des services multidimensionnels sont mesurées à l'aide de la technique du Data Envelopment Analysis, qui utilise tant la programmation linéaire que la programmation non-linéaire.
  • Application of path analysis in regional studies in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • Chemin de graphes ; Etude régionale ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Mathématique ; Méthodologie ; Path analysis ; Régionalisation
  • The application of path analysis in regional studies facilitates a detailed exploration of the internal structure of correlation coefficients which should not be missed if an exact definition of fundamental processes determining settlement
  • Delimiting geographical units and selecting the indicators: correspondence analysis as an aid in European progress in spatial analysis.
  • Network evacuation modelling for flooding as a result of dam failure in Special issue on quantitative methods and policy analysis.
  • Catastrophe ; Evacuation de la population ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Inondation ; MASSVAC-MVOPL analysis ; Modèle mathématique ; Modélisation ; Rupture de barrage