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  • Malta
  • Cultural studies ; Economic geography ; Historical geography ; Malta ; Regional geography
  • Lively introduction to Malta from the perspective of its historical, cultural and economic geography. - (DWG)
  • The effect of inadequate precipitation on the landscapes and patterns of Malta
  • Recent developments in the political and economic geography of Malta
  • This paper reviews the development problems of Malta. Independence was achieved in 1964 since when two main styles of development have been pursued: open economic growth in the 1960s| and more centrally planned Mintoffian development in the 1970s
  • . Industry and tourism have been major growth sectors of the economy since independence. Although there has been an attempt to assert Malta's independence and neutrality, the economy still rests on external support.
  • Adalékok Málta földrajzához
  • Archipelago ; Economic integration ; Island ; Malta ; Regional geography
  • Malta : Neuling in der EU
  • European integration ; Landscape ; Malta ; Soil erosion ; Tourism ; Water resources
  • On locating electronics industry in Malta. A case study on the location of manufacturing industry in Malta
  • Malta : the 1985 census
  • A social and economic atlas of Malta and Gozo.
  • The role of multinational companies in the economic development of Malta
  • The tourist industry in Malta: a marketing approach
  • The fundamental features of the Malta escarpment
  • Malta : at the crossroads of the Mediterranean
  • Climate ; Climatic geomorphology ; Drainage network ; Malta ; Mediterranean area ; Slope deposit ; Valley
  • With such a limited area and range of rock type, Malta cannot provide anything approaching a representative sample of the landforms which occur in the Mediterranean Basin. However, few geomorphological features can be considered unique
  • Malta : at the crossroads of the Mediterranean
  • Ecosystem ; Environmental degradation ; Garrigue ; Human impact ; Island ; Karst ; Local climate ; Malta ; Maquis ; Mediterranean area ; Nature conservation ; Steppe ; Urbanization ; Vegetation
  • [b1] Dep. Biology, Univ. Malta, Msida, Malte
  • Traditional-style farming and values for sustainable development in Malta
  • Agriculture ; Enquiry ; Family farming ; Farm ; Malta ; Modernization ; Rural development ; Traditional agriculture
  • Agriculture, land use and resource transformation in Malta
  • Agricultural land use ; Agricultural potential ; Agricultural resources ; Agriculture ; Environment ; Irrigation ; Island ; Malta ; Resource management ; Rural landscape
  • Malta. Junge Inselrepublik vor neuer Zukunft. (Malte. Une république insulaire devant un avenir neuf)
  • The North African export market for Malta
  • Recurrent problems of water supply in Malta
  • The geology of Malta and Gozo
  • Unemployment and job vacancies in Malta