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  • Macroeconomic determinants of the flow of undocumented aliens in North America
  • Macroeconomics in crisis: agriculture in an underachieving economy
  • Russian agri-food sector between well-performing macroeconomic environment and institutional obstacles.
  • In the aftermah of the breakdown of the Russian foreign exchange market and financial system in August 1998 the macroeconomic environment recovered considerably, generating an output push in the agri-food sector. This improved the financial health
  • Recurrence in Keynesian Macroeconomic Models
  • Modeling the macroeconomic impact of air pollution abatement
  • Macroeconomic influences on migration
  • Quantitative methods : input-output analysis as macroeconomic geography
  • Trading blocs or trading blows? The macroeconomic geography of US and Japanese trade policies
  • Investment diversion and equity release : the macroeconomic consequences of increasing property values?
  • Specialization and asymmetries in macroeconomic fluctuations : evidence for the European regions
  • The work is divided in 6 parts. 1- Chronology of developments in the political economy of Myanmar : an overview ; 2- Parliamentary democracy period : 1948-62 ; 3- Social period under military rule, 1962-88 : macroeconomic and external sector
  • performance ; 4- Socialist period under military rule, 1966-88 : sectoral and social developments ; 5- Market-oriented period under military rule : macroeconomic and external sector performance ; 6- Market-oriented period under military rule : 1988-2000
  • Racial diversity and macroeconomic productivity across US states and cities
  • Ten propositions in UK housing macroeconomics: an overview of the 1980s and early 1990s
  • Regional citizenship and macroeconomic constraints in the European Union
  • Regional income disparity and fiscal-monetary policy. An interregional macroeconomic model of Japan
  • Oil and gas policies in Tunisia. A macroeconomic analysis.
  • Spanish regions and the macroeconomic benefits of the European Monetary Union
  • it based on macroeconomic factors but tourism may directly affect the relatively flexible air travel industry, through both direct demand of travellers and the indirect demand of tourism service providers. - (AM)
  • The paper begins with an analysis of the macroeconomic and structural picture of the Chinese and Italian economies. China can be seen like the spark that has primed a reflection process on the state of the Italian economy. The economic
  • The grave problems of adaptation in the five new Bundesländer require a strongly macroeconomic oriented growth-policy. Accordingly, an effective structural policy should avoid a passive (economic 'reorganisation' of especially weak economic regions