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  • Urban geography in the United States : my experience of the formative years
  • Why not in my backyard? A radical interpretation of public opposition to the deep disposal of radioactive waste in the United Kingdom
  • publique sur le sujet, élaboré au cours des années 1987-89 : il va bien au-delà du concept why not in my backyard.
  • My voice : my place : tracking transformations in urban governance
  • by lithotypes : the most resistant areas correspond to substrates developed on itabarites and quartzites (long-term erosion rates between 0.29 to 2.35 m/My), whereas the most fragile ones developed on schist-phyllites (long-term erosion rates between 7.95
  • to 11.82 m/My) and granite-gneisses (long-term erosion rate at 12.92 m/My).
  • Stratigraphic relations of the Rockland ash bed and older tephra layers in the Great Valley and near San Francisco suggest that the southern Great Valley emerged above sea level about 2 my ago, that its southerly outlet to the ocean was closed
  • sometime after about 2 my ago, and that drainage from the Great Valley to the ocean was established near the present, northerly outlet in the vicinity of San Francisco Bay about 0.6 my ago.
  • Riotous Sydney : Redfern, Macquarie Fields, and (my) Cronulla
  • My friends in low places: building identity for place and community
  • Changing my thinking with a western woman: Javanese youth' constructions of masculinity
  • My dear Beaufort : a personal letter from John Ross's arctic expedition of 1829-33
  • Sainsbury's is my local : English alcohol policy, domestic drinking practices and the meaning of home
  • Economic development, racialization, and privilege : “Yes in my backyard” prison politics and the reinvention of Madras, Oregon
  • “I Want my children to know Sudan” : narrating the long-distance intimacies of diasporic politics
  • , the analysis of asymmetric power in the politics of Israeli urban planning becomes the context of analyzing the archaeology of the address—more specifically, 218 Yefet Street, Jaffa, originally the home of my mother and grandparents. The ‘home exchange
  • as contact zone’ argument facilitates the examination of the language, conversation, and text derived from meetings with the Palestinian owners and with my mother, and exposes the complexities of the binary divisions of coloniality.
  • My networking is not working ! Conceptualizing the latent and dysfunctional dimensions of the network paradigm
  • That'lt be like a blush-rose when tha' grows up, my little lass: English cultural and gendered identity in The Secret Garden
  • Uplift deduced from remanent magnetism Sudbury area since 1250 My
  • Paleohydrologic regimes in the southwestern Great Basin, 03.2 my ago, compared with other long records of Global climate
  • I'll have my town medium-rural, please in Symposium on Dilemmas in growth management.
  • My i nasi plany. (Nous et nos plans)