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  • Bygd og by i Norge. More og Romsdal Country and town in Norway. More og Romsdal
  • Géographie de l'Europe ; Monographie régionale ; More og Romsdal ; Norvège
  • A description of More og Romsdal county, including physical and human geography, history, art etc. (E. Jahn).
  • Making zoning districts more effective
  • UGC : more unequal geographical cuts
  • Inner cities now: a matter for more or less government?
  • Osnovnye istocniki postuplenija sedimentacionnogo materiala v Aral'skoe more Principales sources de l'apport sédimentaire dans la mer d'Aral
  • Alluvion ; Aral'skoe more ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Mer d'Aral ; Milieu marin ; Sédimentation terrigène ; Sédimentologie ; URSS ; URSS d'Asie
  • Cartography enjoys great popularity and an increasing scientifically attention. The Geoscience Cartography came more and more in sight in the last years. Digital maps, navigation systems and information systems appoint our everyday life
  • . These developments are available for more and more people and determine the role of cartography itself and inside the other geosciences.In times of ongoing pictorial and spatial perception of our earth cartography develops to the leading discipline of spatial
  • Osobennosti polâ skorosti zvuka v Tchërnom more
  • The national geography standards and your undergraduate curriculum: the opportunity that knocks more than once
  • China : the one, two, three, four and more child policy
  • The tale of the tape : making video viewing more thoughtful
  • More than meets the eye? : pedagogic implications of a visually effective geographic metaphor
  • The first conception leans on the category of the thing and the related notions. The second is based on the category of process. The difference between the two pictures of landscape is a difference between the more shallow or deeper, more adequate
  • Himalayan political economy : more myths in the closet?
  • was more likely to be chosen by women in more stable sexual unions. - (DB)
  • Fluvial geomorphology: less uncertainty and more practical application?
  • In the seventies, the significant differences in living standard among particular regions do not exist any more. The living standard of the inhabitants in towns and in country does not differ. But the differences of working and living environment
  • started to be the more essential factor. (MS).
  • Quantile estimation with more or less floodlike distributions
  • Mortality rates in the more rural areas of England and Wales
  • Towards more efficient transportation networks in Nigeria
  • Geografie vandag en môre:'n waardeing en vooruitskouing. (Geography today and tomorrow: an appreciation and prognosis)