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  • Is the monk parakeet the ecological equivalent of North America's extinct Carolina parakeet ?
  • The monk parakeet (Myiopsitta monarchus), native to South America, has established several successful breeding colonies in the USA. The US Department of Agriculture wants to eradicate the colonies out of fear that this bird will become a major
  • Le voyage de Monk Julianus
  • The author attempts to reconstruct the route where monk Julianus and his companions traveled aiming to explore the Hungarian's ancestors. - (AM)
  • MONK, J.
  • MONK, J., (Editeur scientifique)
  • - Trouble Ahead, 6 - The British and the Buddhist Monks, 7 - The British call up Reinforcements, 8 - An uneasy Peace. - (GL)
  • minority-dominated highlands. The current regime did not change the association of wealth and political power. According to the A. the slow pace of reform after 1990 is partly due to its intellectual and ideological hollowness. After 2007 monks have been
  • MONK, Y., (Editeur scientifique)
  • MONK, J., (Editeur scientifique)