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  • Entre os vidros e os moldes. Marinha Grande - um espaço de industrialização
  • This geography program evolved from strong links with geology since the 1940s. Its applied emphasis on landuse and environmental problems of Montana fits into the mold of many public universities in the Western USA. - (DWG)
  • Estimating changes in effective values of surface detention, depression storage and friction factor at the interrill scale, using a cheap and fast method to mold the soil surface micro-topography
  • with time and precipitation, it is necessary to isolate the impact of the micro-topography from the infiltration. Therefore the AA. developed a fast and cheap in-situ molding method that combines alginate, plaster and lacquer. Both the surface of a specific
  • soil and its artificial reproduction were measured with a laser scanner in order to assess the quality of the molding method. This novel molding method was applied to get 10 footprints of the micro-topography of a loamy bare soil, at different levels
  • Transformation of the metropolitan machinery production system during the ME technological innovation : a case study of the plastic-mold manufacturing industry in Southern Tokyo
  • Molding maize : the shaping of a crop diversity landscape in the western highlands of Guatemala
  • The paper focuses on geopolitical civil society, emphasizing the role that rationalized norms and emotive care-ethics play in molding and facilitating certain forms of geographical knowledge and subsequent foreign interventions. The focus