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  • Inner cities now: a matter for more or less government?
  • Between food and flesh : how animals are made to matter (and not matter) within food consumption practices
  • Untersuchungen zur Differenzierung der organischen Substanz in erosionsbeeinflussten Moränenboden. (Investigations into the differences in organic matter of moraine soils influenced by erosion)
  • Soil organic matter content and its plant-availability were investigated and the possibilities of spatial distribution of the sampling places tested to record on organic matter differentiation on slopes that are influenced by erosion.
  • Maps matter. Zur Karte im Computerspiel
  • Maps matter. A propos des cartes dans les jeux informatiques
  • Erodibility of soil and organic matter : independence of organic matter resistance to interrill erosion
  • In this paper, initial results from a series of interrill erosion experiments conducted on the enrichment of organic matter are reported. Two intensely farmed silts from Devon, UK, and the Eifel region, Germany, were subjected to artificial rainfall
  • . The texture of the two soils is almost identical, while organic matter content and aggregate stability, and thus aggregate breakdown and interrill erosion differ significantly. The design of the rainfall simulation experiments aimed at measuring organic matter
  • Using palm-mat geotextiles for soil conservation : II. Effects on in situ soil particle size distribution and nutrient concentration
  • Field experiments were conducted at Hilton, east Shropshire, U.K. during 2007-2009, to study the impacts of palm-mat geotextiles on topsoil particle size distribution and changes in selected nutrients (total P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo
  • and Cl). Geotextile-mats constructed from Borassus aethiopum (Borassus palm of West Africa) and Mauritia flexuosa (Buriti palm of South America) leaves are termed Borassus mats and Buriti mats, respectively. Ten runoff plots were established
  • , with duplicate treatments :(1) bare soil; (2) permanent grass; (3) bare soil with 1 m Borassus-mat buffer zones at the lower end of the plots; (4) bare soil with 1 m Buriti-mat buffer zones at the lower end of the plots; and (5) completely-covered with Borassus
  • mats. The AA. conclude that despite significant (P < 0.05) decreases in soil clay and total Ca contents, use of Borassus mats as buffer strips was very successful in conserving or improving other selected soil properties.
  • Organic matter in tropical soils: current conditions, concerns and prospects for conservation
  • This article reviews the current status of organic matter in tropical soils beneath forest and savanna vegetation types and the contribution made to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations from decomposition processes in the soil and as a result
  • of tropical forest clearance. The second aim is to examine the role of soil organic matter in stabilizing soil structure, in nutrient cycling and in ion retention in tropical soils and to assess the effects of forest clearance and subsequent cultivation
  • on organic matter processes. The final aim is to evaluate possible practices for conserving soil organic matter and maximizing sustainability in tropical cultivation systems after deforestation.
  • Seasonal changes in iron transport and nature of dissolved organic matter in a humic river in northern Finland
  • Changes in the concentration of iron and dissolved organic matter (DOM), and in the colour and fluorescence properties in the River Küminkijoki were investigated as functions of the seasonal flow regime over a two-year period. Discussion
  • Rainfall in the Negev Desert during the middle Holocene, based on 13C of organic matter in land snail shells
  • In the present study, rainfall conditions in the Negev Desert of southern Israel during the middle Holocene are inferred from reconstruction of the past geographic distribution of C4 plants, based on isotopic analysis of organic matter in the shells
  • Effect of organic matter on splash detachment and the processes involved
  • The influence of organic matter on splash detachment is investigated using soils with grass and peat treatments. Because of the different processes involved, both negative and positive relationships between splash detachment and aggregate stability
  • Organic matter in waters of the SW Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
  • Discussion of the results of the investigations of organic matter in the SW Atlantic, in the Polar Frontal Zone. The present goal was organic matter distribution at the period of its accumulation and bacterioplankton activization anomalously warm
  • A matter of terminology-Beispiele ans der Kulturlandschaft des arabisch-islamischen Nordafrika A matter of terminology-exemples du paysage agraire au Maghreb
  • δC 13 of loess organic matter as a potential proxy for paleoprecipitation
  • High-resolution paleoprecipitation reconstructions for the last glaciation based on the isotopic record organic matter in loess from Nussloch (Rhine Valley, Germany) are consistent with paleoprecipitation inferred from peat in the same area using
  • an independant method. Thus, δC 13 of loess organic matter can be used as a proxy for paleoprecipitation.
  • Radiocarbon dating of soil organic matter
  • Radiocarbon ages of soil organic matter are evaluated with a model which incorporates the dynamics of the C 14 content of soil organic matter. Discussion of the results and implications for the true ages of soils.
  • A pilot project on the potential contribution of palm-mat geotextiles to soil conservation
  • In this pilot project, the AA. investigate the feasibility of employing palm-mat geotextiles as a potential soil conservation technique. Investigations were conducted at the Hilton Experimental Site, east Shropshire, UK, within the southern section
  • of the Worfe Catchment. The results suggest palm-mat application as protective buffer strips is highly effective in temperate climates.
  • Relationships among dissolved organic matter, iron, and discharge in a moorland stream
  • Dissolved organic matter and iron in a moorland stream were determined at 8 hour intervals over a 6 month period to examine relationships with streamflow. Regression of both solutes on discharge were positive and explained 50-70 % of the variance
  • in the solute data, but better predictions were obtained in both cases when a covariate reflecting temporal variation in the relationships was introduced. Variations in the regression of Fe on the dissolved organic matter were also identified, indicating
  • The place(s) of matter : matter out of place - public understandings of air pollution
  • Autotrophic production of particulate matter in Analysis of marine ecosystems.
  • Build-up of organic matter and nutrients under fallow in a tropical rainforest environment, Nigeria
  • The first map of Swaziland, and matters incidental thereto