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  • AMALRIC, Marion
  • BORDERON, Marion
  • Chironomidae (Diptera) and postglacial climate at Marion Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • Chironomid (midge) remains analyzed from an 8.95-m-long sediment core from Marion Lake reveal successional changes over the last 12,000 yr since deglaciation. The response of the chironomid community accords well with paleoclimatic inferences based
  • Evidence for Quaternary glaciation of Marion Island (sub. Antarctic) and some implications in Antarctic glacial history and world palaeoenvironments.
  • Fluctuation glaciaire ; Glaciation ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Marion Island ; Pléistocène ; Quaternaire zones froides ; Terres australes
  • Spatial inventory of landforms in the recently exposed central highland of sub-Antarctic Marion Island
  • Afrique du Sud ; Déglaciation ; Eolien ; Gelée ; Ile ; Marion Island ; Prince Edward Island ; Périglaciaire ; Réchauffement climatique ; Zone froide
  • Until recently the central highland of sub-Antarctic Marion Island was permanently covered with snow. Climatic amelioration has exposed the area, enabling the documentation of the geology and geomorphology. The lack of glacial and periglacial
  • Rock weathering characteristics as relative-age indicators for glacial and post-glacial landforms on Marion Island
  • Afrique du Sud ; Datation relative ; Glaciaire ; Géochronologie ; Marion Island ; Météorisation ; Postglaciaire ; Prince Edward Island ; Quaternaire ; Zone subantarctique
  • Rock weathering as relative-age indicators are tested on rock surfaces of generally known chronological sequence on Marion island in the sub-Antarctic. While the weathering characteristics could not establish any chronosequence in the relict glacial
  • Sediment movement rates and processes on cinder cones in the maritime Subantarctic (Marion Island)
  • Aiguille de glace ; Antarctique ; Australes terres ; Cône de cendres ; Dynamique de versant ; Gel ; Gel du sol ; Marion Island ; Périglaciaire ; Reptation ; Versant ; Zone froide
  • This paper presents the results of a field experiment conducted on scoria cones on Marion Island in the maritime Subantarctic. The paper, which describes the results of the most detailed and extensive geomorphological process study undertaken
  • TILLOUS, Marion
  • The orientation of sorted stripes in the maritime subantarctic, Marion Island
  • The orientation of sorted stripes developed in glacial deposits on Marion Island is examined. This study confirms earlier reports of preferential occurrence of sorted stripes on windward slopes. However, sorted stripes were also found to occur
  • Environmental setting and microstructure of subfossil lithified stromatolites associated with evaporites, Marion Lake, South Australia
  • Australie ; Evaporite ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Hydrologie lacustre ; Lac ; Marion lake ; South Australia ; Stromatolite ; Sédimentologie
  • Changes in climate extremes, variability and signature on sub-Antarctic Marion Island
  • Années 1949-2003 ; Antarctique ; Climat ; Extrême climatique ; Marion Island ; Précipitation ; Température ; Variabilité climatique ; Variation climatique
  • On the development of autochthonous blocklields in the grey basalts of Sub-Antarctic Marion Island
  • Accumulation glaciaire ; Antarctique ; Basalte ; Chaos de rochers ; Déglaciation ; Holocène ; Ile ; Marion Island ; Météorisation ; Paléo-environnement ; Périglaciaire
  • Deposits and cutoff ages of Horseshoe and Marion oxbow Lakes, Red River, Manitoba
  • Le lac Horeshoe et l'ancien lac Marion ont fait l'objet de carottages dans le but d'établir le moment du recoupement de leur méandre et la sédimentologie des dépôts accumulés dans leur chenal. Présentation des résultats de l'étude sédimentologique
  • et des datations C 14. Les AA. estiment que les recoupements ayant donné naissance aux 2 lacs-croissants se sont produits il y a environ 1990 (Horeshoe) et 1520 cal.BP (Marion). La prédominance du limon dans les dépôts des lacs reflète la provenance
  • The effect of synoptic scale weather systems on sub-surface soil temperatures in a diurnal frost environment : preliminary observations from sub-Antarctic Marion Island
  • Antarctique ; Bilan radiatif ; Climatologie synoptique ; Désert ; Gel du sol ; Marion Island ; Microclimat ; Radiation ; Région polaire ; Température du sol ; Zone froide
  • The aim of this paper is to attempt a first understanding of the synoptic weather conditions associated with soil frost occurrence on Marion Island. Specifically, the AA. hypothesise that soil frost is dominant under specific air circulation
  • patterns and is associated with clear skies. The study was conducted in the interior of Marion Island at Katedraalkrans in the polar desert habitat : scoria and black lava deposits almost completely unvegetated. Therefore this site allows for a direct
  • Geomorphological characteristics of small debris flows on Junior's Kop, Marion Island, maritime sub-Antarctic
  • Afrique du Sud ; Coulée boueuse ; Gelée ; Glace ; Géomorphodynamique ; Marion Island ; Pente de versant ; Perméabilité ; Propriétés du sol ; Sub-Antarctique ; Sédimentologie ; Zone froide
  • Marion Isabel Newbigin, 1869-1968
  • Marion Newbigin was one of the founding pioneers of British geography in the early 20th century, and the only woman to be recognized as such. A graduate in zoology, she obtained a higher doctorate in 1898, and was appointed editor of the Scottish
  • Déglaciation ; Faille ; Glaciation ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Isostasie ; Marion Island ; Néotectonique ; Océan Indien ; Prince Edwards Islands ; Quaternaire zones froides ; Volcanisme
  • L'activité volcanique sur l'île Marion ne s'est produite que pendant les interglaciaires. La répartition des volcans est associée à un système de failles radiales et périphériques qui serait le résultat de la déglaciation, la localisation des
  • Fine scale variability in soil frost dynamics surrounding cushions of the dominant vascular plant species (Azorella selago) on sub-Antarctic Marion Island
  • Antarctique ; Biogéographie ; Cycle gel-dégel ; Gel du sol ; Marion Island ; Microclimat ; Microhabitat ; Propriétés du sol ; Végétation ; Zone froide
  • The AA. studied the fine scale variability in soil temperature and moisture parameters, specifically focusing on frost cycle characteristics around cushions of the dominant vascular plant species, Azorella selago, on sub-Antarctic Marion Island