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  • A Critique of the methodology of Australian agriculture
  • In this article, attention is drawn to serious methodological weeknesses in Australian agricultural economics. The A. argues that Australian agricultural economists ought to be more critical of the assumptions on which current theory is based
  • Towards the planning of urban land development in New Zealand: a methodological inquiry
  • The paper outlines and applies to a specific development situation-the proposed AoKautere sub-division, Palmerston North City-a methodology embodying a location-referenced information system and evaluative technique, Development Potential Analysis.
  • A National Park Survey in Western Samoa : Terrain classification on tropical volcanoes in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • The study of the evolution of slope form over long periods of time: a review of methodologies and some new observational data from Papua-New Guinea
  • Spatial aspects of epidemiological phenomena and of the provision and utilization of health care services in Australia: a review of methodological problems and empirical analyses
  • The origin of the inhabitants of Oceania, has as yet remained a partially unsolved problem. A methodological approach is to draw conclusions about the origin of the population from the origin and migration routes of the most important cultivated