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  • Depositional models and ice-front dynamics in northwestern Poland : a methodological approach
  • Methodological problems in the geography of labor resources
  • Methodology of studying the agricultural-geographical aspects of Mountainous areas in Transformation of rural areas.
  • Methodological approaches in the investigation of the development of glaciation in northern Eurasia in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • A methodological approach to evaluating horizontal and vertical integration in agriculture in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union with an application to Bulgaria
  • A methodological approach to distribution of settlement in geographical research
  • Some examples of applied geomorphological maps from Czechoslovakia in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • A general problem is that research methodology is usually more developed than the conditions of its application in practice. Few examples for the types of current environmental research: fundamental research into theory and methodology
  • Holocene sea-level changes and coastal processes on the south coast of Ireland: corals and the problems of sea-level methodology in temperate waters in Proceedings. Volume 3. Symposia and seminars.
  • Mise au point sur les objectifs et méthodologies des recherches mises en oeuvre depuis 1983 dans le cadre de l'observatoire des changements écologiques, économiques et sociologiques dans les îles du Ponant in Rapport final.
  • Présentation des objectifs, des méthodologies et des principaux résultats des recherches menées depuis 1983 sur un échantillon d'îles représentatif des îles de Bretagne - (BH)
  • Methodological problems of studying local income and employment effects of tourism
  • The applicability of large-scale geomorphological mapping to erosion control and soil conservation in a research area in Tuscany in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • The influence of the natural environment on the site and urban development of Ghent in historical times : A case study in applied geomorphology in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.
  • An interregional population-employment model for the Federal Republic of Germany: methodology and forecasting results for the year 2000 in Twentieth European Congress, Munich 1980.
  • Modszertani tanulmany a domborzat agrargazdasagi szempontu morfografiai értékelésére. (Methodological study for the morphographic evaluation of relief from an agricultural aspect)
  • The annual review of national and foreign geographical works on Czechoslovakia completed by some general theoretical and methodological studies. Besides, the system of General Geography, the regional system of Czechoslovakia is divided in four
  • Methodologic analyse of structural qualities of Czech districts on the basis of internal population migrations in the period 1961-1980. (MS).
  • and conclusions concerning the main methodological and managerial problems involved in the development of regional studies during the transitory period of late seventies and early eighties. (l'A.).
  • Geomorphological mapping applied to land evaluation and soil conservation in agricultural planning : some examples from Tuscany (Italy) in Applied geomorphological mapping : methodology by example.