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  • Applications of geodemographic methods in the analysis of health condition incidence data
  • Analyse spatiale ; Classification ; England ; Mode de vie ; Méthode géodémographique ; Niveau de vie ; Royaume-Uni ; Santé ; Structure sociale ; Taxonomie
  • GIS mapping in the geodemographic studies (Case study of the Republic of Belarus)
  • The study deals with the options of using geoinformational technologies in the population geography as exemplified by the GIS-models of the rural population of the Republic of Belarus (RB). The methods to create GIS-model with a brief characteristic
  • of the stages are presented. The comparative analysis of two methods of mapping of the relative demographic values (colour scales and map-image transformation) is conducted. - (AM)
  • Argentina : the geodemographic onctrasts of a Latin American country
  • On the nature of demographic and geodemographic structures
  • The geodemographics of access and participation in Geography
  • Geography is not a complulsory subject of study beyond the age of 14 in English schools and this has had an impact on both absolute and relative participation rates over recent years. Geodemographic analysis reveals that pupils domiciled within more
  • Helsinki: a software sorted city? A case study of the geodemographics industry in Finland
  • This paper takes one example of influential information technology, geodemographic neighbourhood segmentation software, and analyses it in the context of Helsinki, the capital of FinlandThe analysis pays specific attention to the problems that arise
  • when a classification scheme developed in the UK is translated in to the historical and cultural context of a Nordic welfare State. Finally, the paper looks at the theoretical debates around geodemographics, and considers directions for future research
  • The diversity of diversity : a critique of geodemographic classification
  • Geodemographics in practice : developments in North America
  • Creating open source geodemographics : refining a national classification of census output areas for applications in higher education
  • The spatial targeting of urban policy initiatives : a geodemographic assessment tool
  • Different spatial approaches in geodemographic studies
  • The past, present, and future of geodemographic research in the United States and United Kingdom
  • This article presents an extensive comparative review of the emergence and application of geodemographics in both the United States and United Kingdom, situating them as an extension of earlier empirically driven models of urban socio-spatial
  • structure. The empirical and theoretical basis for this generalization technique is also considered. Findings demonstrate critical differences in both the application and development of geodemographics between the United States and United Kingdom resulting
  • Is there an I in GDIS ? The problem of representation in geodemographic and lifestyles systems
  • Geodemographics in practice : developments in Britain and Europe
  • We know who you are and we know where you live: the instrumental rationality of geodemographic systems
  • The geodemographics of educational progression and their implications for widening participation in higher education
  • Extending geodemographic classification : a new regional prototype
  • Deux problèmes se posent : le faible intérêt des études sur le mouvement naturel et la fécondité suscité chez les géodémographes| l'utilisation des modèles de diffusion spatiale.
  • Using geodemographics to measure and explain social and environment differences in road traffic accident risk
  • Deriving new variables to extend geodemographic classification