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  • Wet-rice cultivation in lowland Bangladesh
  • The probability of the adoption of modern rice varieties (MVs) in Lowland Bangladesh. Case study in a backswamp located in the south eastern part of the country. In a large part of the lowland the MVs will be able to replace local mixed-sown tall
  • Late Quaternary sedimentary environment and landform evolution in the Bengal lowland
  • The A. subdivided the recent sediments and discussed the landforms and sedimentary environment in the Bengal Lowland based on the analysis of the sediments. - (SGA)
  • Velocity-discharge relationships in three lowland rivers
  • The use of different functional forms to describe the variation of velocity with discharge is explored for four cross-sections, nine short reaches (100-250 m), and three long reaches (2-7 km) in three lowland rivers in Lincolnshire.
  • Geomorfologické pomery Borskej niziny. (Geomorphological conditions of the Borska nizina lowland)
  • The paper deals especially with geologic structure, river terraces and flood plains, alluvial cones and the eolic phenomenas of the Borska nizina (lowland). (MS).
  • Natural disasters and countermeasures for the Tokyo lowland
  • The Tokyo lowland has suffered from natural disasters several times due to its vulnerability. Land subsidence and intensive landuse are likely to increase the amount of damages. On the other hand, investment in natural disasters prevention has
  • Slatiné raselinsko Zelenka na Zahorskej nizine The fen peat bog Zelenka in the Zahorska nizina lowland
  • In the central part of the Zahorska nizina lowland (Western Slovakia), there is an area of sand dunes, at present grown over with pine monocultures. A description of its rise, evolution, vegetation cover composition in the past and at present
  • Physiognomic aspects of the surface water-logging intensity of the soils in the East-Slovakian lowland identified by areospace photographs and images
  • lowland. - (MS)
  • Agriculture and society in Lowland Scotland, 1750-1870 in An historical geography of Scotland.
  • Agriculture ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Histoire rurale ; Lowlands ; Maison rurale ; Royaume-Uni ; Révolution agricole ; Scotland ; Siècle XIX ; Siècle XVIII ; Société rurale ; Structure de peuplement
  • Stratigraphy and chronology of Quaternary deposits of the Puget Lowland and Olympic Mountains of Washington and the Cascade Mountains of Washington and Oregon in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Cascade Range ; Datation ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Holocène ; Montagne ; Olympic Mountain ; Oregon ; Pléistocène ; Puget Lowland ; Quaternaire ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Stratigraphie ; Washington State
  • The Euglenophyta of a polluted lowland brook-pond system at Boom (Antwerp, Belgium) during an aeration experiment
  • A polluted lowland brook-pond system was locally treated by aeration using the EVENS-technique. Over a period of 3 years the water was analysed physico-chemically and the Euglenophyta population was studied. (LW).
  • A geomorphological approach to soil erosion studies in Lesotho. Case studies of soil erosion and land use in the southern Lesotho Lowlands in Monitoring soil loss at different observation levels. Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho Lowlands.
  • A multilevel approach to soil-erosion surveys. Examples from the Lesotho Lowlands in Monitoring soil loss at different observation levels. Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho Lowlands.
  • Geotechnical properties of the Danubian lowland loess soils in the Slovak Carpathians in Distribution and chronological problems of loess.
  • Based on a complex evaluation of a great number of loess samples of the Danubian lowland and their analysis by methods of mathematical statistics, it was possible to create a realistic model of the base soil. For the statistical processing
  • the A. picked 4 selective sets of the Danubian lowland hilly country, where each set can be considered as a homogeneous engineering geological type. The regional characteristics of the loess mechanical properties will serve well in the initial phases
  • Charakteristika klimy Borskej niziny s ohladom na niektoré problémy krajiny (The characteristic of the climat of the Zahorska (Borska) lowland with regard to the individual problems of landscape)
  • The climate of Borska nizina (lowland) differs not only from the neighbouring mountain ranges, but also from the near lying Danubian lowlands. It is less continental, damper in summer with smaller annual temperature fluctuations. This relates
  • Sponge gemmules from lake sediments in the Puget Lowland, Washington
  • Eponge ; Etats-Unis ; Gemmule d'éponge ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Hydrologie ; Lac ; Méthodologie ; Paléohydrologie ; Paléolimnologie ; Puget Lowland ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Sédiment lacustre ; Sédimentologie ; Tardiglaciaire ; Washington
  • Gemmules of five species of freshwater sponge found in deposits at Cedar Mountain bog in the southeaster Puget Lowland were used to infer that during the late-glacial period the water was calcareous, was not deficient in SiO, was aerobic, and had
  • Lake Tapps tephra : an early Pleistocene stratigraphic marker in the Puget Lowland, Washington
  • Etats-Unis ; Glaciation ; Géographie physique ; Paléo-environnement ; Pléistocène inférieur ; Puget Lowland ; Stratigraphie ; Téphrochronologie ; Washington State
  • Cette étude montre que les tephra du Lac Tapps sont effectivement un marqueur stratigraphique régional pour le sud du Puget Lowland. Les dépôts de la première phase de la glaciation Salmon Springs peuvent être repérés par ces tephra. De plus ces
  • A soil erosion map of the Lesotho lowlands. A case study using visual interpretation of multitemporal Landsat false colour composites in Sediment sources, sediment residence time and sediment transfer-Case studies of soil erosion in the Lesotho
  • lowlands.
  • Strucna charakteristika teras Zitavy v Podunajskej nizine. (A brief characteristic of the Zitava terraces in the Danube lowland)
  • Pedogeografické regiony Zahorskej niziny a ich strucna charakteristika. (Pedogeographic regions of the Zahorska nizina lowland and their brief characteristic)
  • Fyzickogeograficka regionalizacia Borskej niziny (Zapadné Slovensko). (Physiogeographic regionalization of the Zahorska nizina lowland (Western Slovakia))