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  • Re-construction of the information system by a mass merchandiser, and re-organization of the logistic system - a case of Shinshu Jusco Co
  • Commodity ; Information ; Information system ; Logistics ; Trade ; Wholesale trade
  • This article traces the process of a mass merchandiser's moves with a focus on spatial changes in their logistic systems. - (KA)
  • On applying logistic models in technological forecasting
  • Geography of production linkages in the Irish and Scottish microcomputer industry : the role of logistics
  • High-tech industry ; Industrial production ; Industry ; Ireland ; Logistics ; Scotland ; United Kingdom
  • Centrality ; Economic geography ; Hungary ; Logistics ; Spatial distribution ; Transport ; Transport network ; Transportation geography
  • This paper provides an analysis about spatial distribution and operational characteristics of logistic centres in Hungary. Logistic is a relatively new branch of the economy in Hungary, having been developing rapidly since the mid-1990s. A. gives
  • an overview about the development of logistic and the most important centres existing in Hungary. Besides, the actual role of these centres the potential future development is also analysed. - (JS)
  • Fitting the logistic function
  • Presidential address : The four logistical revolutions in Thirty-second North American meetings, Philadelphia, 1985.
  • Comparison of landslide susceptibility maps generated through multiple logistic regression for three test areas in Korea
  • The aim of this study was to apply, verify and compare a multiple logistic regression model for landslide susceptibility analysis in 3 Korean study areas using a geographic information system (GIS). Landslide locations were identified
  • the database and the logistic regression coefficient of each factor was computed. Landslide susceptibility maps were drawn for these 3 areas using logistic regression coefficients.
  • Firm ; Globalization ; Logistics ; Technology ; Traffic ; Transport
  • The logistic sector undergoes a global restructuring process. Due to changing client demands and supported by new technologies and deregulation action, global networks of logistic service providers are emerging who direct a large part of global
  • Competitiveness ; Economic activity ; Firm ; Industrial firm ; Logistics ; Territory
  • Changes in production organization imposed by internationalization and globalization process highlight the growing importance of logistics service and modern supply chains for business activities. Besides, these transformations underlie that supply
  • chains develop a strong link with territories, whose conpetitive level is today increasingly dependent on the presence of qualified and comprehensive logistics offer. - (NF)
  • Logistics cost, consumer demand, and retail establishment density
  • Consumer behaviour ; Consumption ; Demand ; Logistics ; Market area ; Marketing channel ; Optimization ; Retail trade ; Sensitivity analysis ; Transport cost
  • of a human niche should theoretically grow in a logistic fashion, and that four empirical data sets conform to the expectation of logistic growth. Three patterns, all variants of a logistic curve, are recognized: the formative, S-shaped, and mature.
  • Logistic population growth in the world's largest cities
  • Demographic change ; Large town ; Logistics ; Model ; Urban growth ; Urban population ; World ; World city
  • Firm-specific effects on location decisions of foreign direct investment in China's logistics industry
  • China ; Decision ; Direct investment ; Foreign investment ; Industry ; Location ; Logistics ; Logit model ; Population census
  • Economic geography ; Italy ; Logistics ; Spatial dynamics ; Spatial organization ; Territorial structure ; Transport ; Transportation geography
  • The process of globalization offfers to the Northwestern area of Italy the opportunity to reshape the territory in a logistic regional organization. The article tries to verify the soundness of this perspective, with the aim of explaining
  • the relatively new topic of the logistic region and at the same time to present its representation as an exercise, or rather an example, of active geography able to summarize the recurrent descriptions of territorial changes. - (NF)
  • Trust, transactions, and information technologies in the U.S. logistics industry
  • Competition ; Economic impact ; High technology ; Industrial organization ; Information ; Logistics ; United States of America
  • Organizational dynamics of the U.S. logistics industry : an economic geography perspective
  • Communication ; Economic geography ; Industrial organization ; Industrialization ; Information ; Logistics ; Producer services ; Technology ; United States of America
  • Modeling doline populations with logistic growth functions
  • Initiation and evolution of a large karst depression population consisting of parent and daughter dolines were spatially and temporally modeled using logistic growth functions. Seven assumptions based upon previous studies were refined
  • Tracking and tracing : geographies of logistical governance and labouring bodies
  • Governance ; Human body ; Industry ; Logistics ; Mobility ; Monitoring ; Political geography ; Technology ; United Kingdom ; United States of America ; Working conditions
  • Shifts in the production of national and global territories have coincided with new forms of biopolitical governance and surveillance, producing a simultaneous expansion and contraction of spatial and temporal mobility. In the logistics industries
  • Logistic analysis of channel pattern thresholds : meandering, braiding, and incising
  • A large and geographically diverse data set consisting of meandering, braiding, incising, and post-incision equilibrium streams was used in conjunction with logistic regression analysis to develop a probabilistic approach to predicting thresholds
  • of channel pattern and instability. An energy-based index was developed for estimating the risk of channel instability associated with specific stream power relative to sedimentary characteristics. The logistic regression approach developed in this study
  • Multiple bifurcation effects with a logistic attractiveness function in the supply side of a service system