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  • Norfolk livestock farming 1250-1740 : a comparative study of manorial accounts and probate inventories
  • Agricultural productivity ; Arable land ; England ; Farm size ; Farming system ; Historical geography ; Livestock ; Livestock farming ; Middle Age ; Modern period ; Norfolk ; Pastoral ; United Kingdom
  • The evidence of accounts and inventories reveals the continuity of developed and dynamic pastoral farming systems in Norfolk. From an early date, the distructive feature of livestock farming was its close integration with arable farming, producing
  • mixed-farming systems of remarkable productivity.
  • Livestock, pastures, and the environment in the Kyrgyz republic, Central Asia
  • Agricultural land use ; Cattle ; Environment ; Farm ; Farming system ; Kyrgyzstan ; Livestock ; Livestock farming ; Pastoral ; Pastureland ; Production system ; Sheep
  • During the Soviet period and its collective and state farm practices, livestock were kept well in excess of the carrying capacity of natural pastures and cultivated fodder areas. Since Kyrgyz independence, livestock numbers have fallen dramatically
  • Agriculture in recession. The regional financial performance of Australian broadacre livestock farming
  • Agricultural crisis ; Agricultural price ; Agriculture ; Australia ; Crop yield ; Economic efficiency ; Livestock farming ; Regional disparities ; Regression analysis
  • The paper explores the extent of regional variations in farm financial performance in the livestock sector in Australia between 1984-85 and 1990-91. Widespread regional shifts are demonstrated. From a series of multivariate analyses, it is suggested
  • Estimation of technical efficiency in Greek livestock farms
  • Agricultural production ; Economic efficiency ; Farm ; Farm income ; Greece ; Livestock farming ; Model ; Production fonction
  • Livestock development in Somalia. A critical review
  • Development strategy ; Export ; Grazing ; Livestock farming ; Pastoralism ; Production technique ; Somalia
  • Livestock development in Somalia has mostly focused on the provision of improved veterinary services, water supplies and marketing facilities, whilst range productivity, expressed in terms of the availability of range forage and improved methods
  • Placing livestock in landscape studies : pastures new or out to graze?
  • Cattle ; Landscape ; Livestock ; Relations between human and animal bodies ; Research ; United Kingdom
  • The paper reviews research on livestock and landscape. It argues that farm animals have started to occupy a central position in landscape studies, opening up many new pastures for research. Using the example of cattle in the UK, the AA. consider how
  • livestock have been understood as text, as social constructions and as beings with their own lives. In each case, they note how the position of farm animals is contested and there is a need for a diversity of theoretical approaches to understand
  • these differences. The article calls for academics, practitioners and policy-makers to pay greater attention to the myriad ways in which livestock and landscape are intertwined.
  • Altitude ; Ethiopia ; Livestock ; Livestock farming ; Mountain ; Overpopulation ; Rural area ; Settlement
  • have had droughts that have kept livestock numbers in check.―(DWG)
  • Brittany ; Farm building ; France ; Livestock farming ; Poultry farming ; Western France
  • The Australian wool crisis: farm adjustment pressures and strategies. A case study of the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales
  • Australia ; Deregulation ; Economic strategy ; Farm ; Livestock farming ; New South Wales ; Sheep
  • The primary management strategies adopted by the wool producers are identified. Three farm adjustment strategies are noted: extensification, diversification and expansion. Choice of farm strategy is dependent on the characteristics of both nthe
  • individual farm and farmer.
  • Classification ; Extensive livestock farming ; Industrial livestock farming ; Intensive livestock farming ; Livestock farming ; Pastoralism ; Production system ; Taxonomy ; Typology
  • Areal livestock combinations on Finnish farms
  • The contemporary geography of indigenous Irish livestock
  • Cattle ; Countryside ; Ireland ; Livestock ; Livestock farming ; Regional disparities ; Rural change ; United Kingdom
  • Establishing and managing waterpoints for village livestock. A guide for rural extension workers in the sudano-sahelian zone
  • Africa ; Livestock ; Livestock farming ; Management ; Sahel ; Semi-arid area ; Village ; Water economics ; Water management ; Water needs ; Water supply ; Waterpoint
  • Protecting the snow leopard and enhancing farmers' livelihoods : a pilot insurance scheme in Baltistan
  • Discussion of a pilot insurance plan to save the snow leopard in Balistan, a district in the Pakistani-controlled sector of Jammu and Kashmir State, while protecting farmers from predatory losses to their livestock, tipically goats. Each farmer pays
  • a premium based on head of livestock. In addition, trekking expeditions focusing on the snow leopard contribute to the fund. The insurance fund is jointly managed by a village committee and Project Snow Leopard (PSL) staff. - (SLD)
  • Dairy farming and milk marketing relationships in the CIS
  • Armenia ; Dairy farming ; Enquiry ; IEC ; Livestock farming ; Marketing ; Moldavia ; Price ; Ukraine
  • Canada ; Farming;Agriculture ; International trade ; Livestock farming ; United States
  • They hate pigs, Chinese farmers... everything ! Beastly racialization in multiethnic Malaysia
  • Identity ; Livestock ; Livestock farming ; Malaysia ; Nationalism ; Pigs ; Racism ; Relations between human and animal bodies ; Social construction
  • Agricultural production ; Agroindustry ; Enterprise ; German Democratic Republic ; Germany ; Industrial livestock farming ; Industrial structure ; Intensive livestock farming ; Livestock farming ; Poultry farming ; Regional economy ; Reunification
  • Causse Méjean ; Farm production ; Farming ; France ; Infrastructure ; Land use ; Languedoc-Roussillon ; Livestock farming ; Sheep
  • Andes ; Argentina ; Livestock farming ; Mountain ; Over-grazing ; Pastoral ; Soil erosion ; Tucumán
  • In these highlands between 2 000 and 3 500 m in the Province of Tucuman, grazing leads to erosion where livestock are concentrated. Erosion also occurs due to natural processes.―(DWG)