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  • Lithological and stratigraphical analysis of loess profiles of the Loess Plateau in China in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • A detailed stratigraphic division of loess deposits in three selected profiles was carried out based on lithologic and paleomagnetic analyses. (DLO).
  • The lithology and genesis of the Danish tills in Glacial deposits in north-west Europe.
  • Influence of lithologic erodibility on alluvial fan area, western White Mountains, California and Nevada
  • Lithology, through its influence on sediment production, may have an important effect on the size of alluvial fans and, hence, on fan-basin morphometric relations. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the influence of lithologic erodibility
  • The influence of lithology on hillslope development in the area of the Jacupiranga Alkaline Complex and its surroundings (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Brazil ; Cenozoic ; Climatic variation ; Lithology ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Slope gradient ; São Paulo ; Weathering
  • This study examines the relationship between lithology and slope form in an area characterised by a highly varied range of different rock types occurring alongside one another : the Jacupiranga Alkaline Complex. As both the tectonic evolution
  • and the sequence of palaeoclimates have probably been very similar within this small region, variations in the slope forms can be assumed to be primarily related to structural and lithological factors.
  • Lithology and stratigraphy of some Rhine glacier drumlins (South German Alpine Foreland)
  • Drumlin ; Germany ; Glacial erosion ; Glacial features ; Lithology ; Palaeogeography ; Stratigraphy
  • Effects of lithology, time and exposure on the stabilization of loess mantled slopes. A comparative study in Loess (INQUA).
  • The quantitative analysis presented in this paper seems to indicate that lithology, time and slope exposure do have effects on the process of slope stabilization in loess and other young, unconsolidated sediments.
  • The lithological characteristics of the glacial deposits of county Longford
  • A preliminary examination of the glacial geology of Co. Longford is presented. Four lithologically distinct facies of diamicton and three associated glaciofluvial members are examined in terms of their petrographic composition. The units
  • Loszok litologiaja és eredete Kozép-Europa nyugati részén. (The lithology and origin of loess in Western Central Europe)
  • Systematic investigations concerning the formation of loess with respect to its lithology are still in their infancy. The AA. attempt to remedy this situation by considering granulation, carbonate-content, heavy minerals, carbonate-alteration
  • Is typical loess older than one million years? in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • Recent analyses of loesses indicate that the lithologically sensu stricto true loesses are not older than the Jaramillo event (0.9 m.y. B.P.). The features of the so-celled loess-like sediments or loess derivates are summarized. Paleomagnetic
  • Comission of genesis and lithology of Quaternary deposits. Reunion regional sudamericana, Neuquen, Argentina
  • A lithologic-stratigraphic subdivision of the bottom sediments on the profile from the Sunda Archipelago to the East Indian (Ninety East) ridge
  • Pliocene and Pleistocene soil formation in the Ukraine in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • On the development of Pleistocene soils in Czechoslavakia in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • Zonation and faciality of loessic deposits in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • Late quaternary sediment sources, storage and transfers within mountain basins using clast lithological analysis : Pineta Basin, central Pyrenees, Spain
  • Lithology ; Moraine ; Mountain ; Pyrénées ; Quaternary ; Sediment transport ; Slope dynamics ; Slope gradient ; Spain ; Watershed
  • This paper describes an attempt to trace sediment transfer modes and pathways using clast lithological analysis in a small mountain basin strongly influenced by glaciation : the Pineta Basin. The paper interprets slope-channel interaction
  • . Significant impacts are made by conduits, they deliver local lithologies to the main river.
  • The significance of rock structure, lithology and pre-glacial deep weathering for the shape of intermediate-scale glacial erosional landforms
  • Cold area ; Crystalline rocks ; Glacial erosion ; Glacial features ; Glacial striation ; Lineament ; Lithology ; Photointerpretation ; Roche moutonnée ; Sweden ; Weathering
  • To explore the effects of multiple glacial erosion on the rock surfaces, an island with 2 different lithologies and with striae from different directions was selected for a detailed study, focusing on the shape of roches moutonnées. Air-photo
  • interpretation of bedrock lineaments and roches moutonnées combined with detailed field maping and striae measurements are used to interpret the structural and lithological control on the resulting shape. The study reveals a significant difference in shape
  • Lithological evidence for the evolution of weathered mantles in Uganda by tectonically controlled cycles of deep weathering and stripping
  • Geochemistry ; Lithology ; Mineralogy ; Model ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics ; Uganda ; Vertical movement ; Weathering
  • Lithologic, structural, and topographic influences on snow-avalanche path location, eastern Glacier National Park, Montana
  • Avalanches ; Geographical information system ; Lineament ; Lithology ; Montana ; Mountain ; Natural hazards ; Remote sensing ; Snow ; Structural geomorphology ; United States
  • Regionalisation of hydrological data. Effects of lithology and land use on storm runoff in east Luxembourg.
  • The main objective of this study is to classify catchment storm runoff response as a function of lithology and land use, to relate this classification to dynamic hydrological processes and to make a statement about the feasibility of effectively
  • Lithological properties and weathering response on badland hillslopes
  • Alberta ; Badland ; Canada ; Duricrust ; Geochemistry ; Lithology ; Rill wash ; Sandstone ; Water erosion ; Watershed ; Weathering