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  • Population and politics in a plural society: the changing geography of Canada's linguistic groups
  • Canada ; Cultural studies ; Ethnicity ; Internal migration ; Language ; Linguistic area ; Nationalism ; Population ; Population projection
  • by the linguistic landscape and by the nature and direction of population change. Linguistic affiliation determines one's propensity to remain within a region and guides the choice of destinations. The bifurcation of Canada into unilingual regions will be renforced.
  • What's in a name ? Linguistics, geography, and toponyms
  • Linguistics ; New Orleans ; Place ; Place names ; Semiology ; United States of America
  • Minority toponyms on maps. The rendering of linguistic minority toponyms on topographic maps of Western Europe
  • Purpose of this thesis is the reconstruction of the various trends or developments in the government approach to toponyms. This is done by comparing subsequent map series of the same areas where linguistic minorities were or are prevalent. The study
  • is by no means a linguistic study but it is intended to be a cartographical analysis. The study has been carried out in a number of contact-zones such as Belgium, Wales, Scotland, South Tirol, Carinthia, Lausatia, Vallée d'Aosta and Corsica. (AGD).
  • The linguistic analysis supports the hypothesis that Wisconsin glacier ice influenced the distribution of native North American linguistic groups. The distribution of languages suggests that the arrival of humans in the New World predated the last
  • glacial maximum (approximately 18,000 yr ago). The positions of the Eskimo-Aleut and Na-Dene linguistic groups during the Wisconsin glacial maximum are hypothesized to have been northwest of the main ice sheet, while the Algonquian linguistic group
  • Cultural and linguistic aspects of designing geographic information systems for Spanish speakers
  • Unravelling the Quebec-Canada-USA linguistic triangle in Monitoring Canada's French connection.
  • Autonomy ; Belgium ; Economic activity ; Frontier ; Linguistic area ; Linguistic minority ; Minority ; Unemployment
  • Where is Wales ? Narrating the territories and borders of the Welsh linguistic nation
  • Ethno-linguistic zoning in South African black townships
  • Putting principles of linguistic rights into practice : geographical perspectives on a contemporary European problem
  • Cultural studies ; Europe ; Human rights ; Language ; Linguistic minority ; Minority ; Policy ; Territory
  • Canada ; Cultural studies ; Finland ; Language ; Linguistic minority ; Quebec
  • The cartographic representation of linguistic data
  • Linguistic legislation and ethnic enrollment in Montreal's French public schools in Monitoring Canada's French connection.
  • Linguistic territorialization : is Canada approaching the Belgian model in Monitoring Canada's French connection.
  • Some linguistic implications of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1979
  • Demographic russification and linguistic russianization of the Ukraine 1959-1979 in Geographical studies on the Soviet Union. Essays in Honor of Chauncy D. Harris.
  • A fuzzy set approach to using linguistic hedges in geographical information systems
  • The Designation of bilingual districts in Canada through linguistic and spatial analysis
  • Geographer's role ; Linguistics ; Nineteenth Century ; Place names ; Slovenia ; Terminology ; Twenty-first century
  • to the forefront together with linguists. After this, Slovenian geographers were involved in this topic to various extents. In the past decades a leading role has been assumed by certain geographers, who seek to integrate Slovenian toponymy within modern trends