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  • Limestone landform studies and their curriculum applications
  • Limestone weathering and rate variability, Great Temple of Amman, Jordan
  • Archaeology ; Biogenic process ; Carbonate rock ; Insolation ; Jordan ; Limestone ; Lithology ; Moisture ; Mollusca ; Semi-arid area ; Weathering
  • This study investigated disparate weathering on architectural limestone resulting from variations in mollusc shell constituents, insolation receipt, and moisture availability. The Great Temple of Amman is located 120 km east of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Experimental salt weathering of limestones in relation to rock properties
  • Carbonate rock ; England ; Experimentation ; France ; Geophysics ; Limestone ; Mesozoic ; Portugal ; Salt ; Simulation ; United Kingdom ; Weathering
  • A total of 21 different types of British and European Mesozoic limestones have been subjected to simulated salt weathering using sodium sulphate with the following aims : assessment of the relative durabilities of different types of limestone
  • Landform replication experiments on quarried limestone rock slopes in the English Peak District
  • Applied geomorphology ; Carbonate rock ; England ; Human impact ; Karst ; Limestone ; Quarry ; Restaurant trade ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; United Kingdom
  • This paper describes the land surface changes resulting from limestone quarrying and considers the nature of landform evolution on quarried limestone rock slopes. This is followed by a description of a new technique known as restoration blasting
  • Simulation of the dissolution of weathered versus unweathered limestone in carbonic acid solutions of varying strength
  • Carbonate rock ; Climatic warming ; England ; Experimentation ; Geochemistry ; Limestone ; Oxfordshire ; Precipitation ; Simulation ; United Kingdom ; Weathering
  • The aim of this research is to investigate, using a laboratory simulation approach, whether increasing levels of CO2 in rainfall would contribute towards increased dissolution of limestone, particularly of previously exposed surfaces (weathered
  • limestone) that may have inherited a greater susceptibility to dissolution. The rate and nature of dissolution were investigated through : 1) weight loss of samples, 2) change in water chemistry of solutions and 3) detailed SEM observations of surface change
  • , particularly the presence of dissolution features. 28 samples cut from a block of Bath (Box Hill) limestone from Somerville College, Oxford were analysed.
  • Limestone valley systems in north central Jamaica
  • Limestone valley systems in north central Jamaica exhibit varied hydrologic regimes which reflect differences in karstic and non-karstic water supply. Valley patterns are influenced considerably by geographical structure, whilst fluvial erosion
  • Limestone weathering in Eastern Australia. Part 1: erosion rates
  • Australia ; Carbonate rock ; Climatic variation ; Erosion rate ; Karst ; Limestone ; Microstructure ; New South Wales ; Weathering
  • A traversing microerosion meter (MEM) was used to measure the rates of surface weathering of limestones in southeastern Australia. Results are described for two localities: the Kosciusko National Park in New South Wales and close to Canberra
  • The geomorphological impacts of limestone quarrying
  • England ; Geomorphology ; Human impact ; Impact ; Karst ; Landscape ; Limestone ; Quarry ; United Kingdom ; Water resources ; World
  • This paper explains why limestone is such an important commodity, examines the technique by which it is excavated, the geomorphological impacts of those techniques, and describes how such impacts may be minimised. It is based largely on research
  • Karst morphology of uplifted Quaternary coral limestone terraces : Santo Island, Vanuatu
  • Pleistocène eustatic sea-level fluctuations and tectonic uplift have produced extensive emerged reef-limestone plateaus and terraces. Cone karst has developed on tectonically tilted limestone plateaus (more than 149 ka to, 500 ka B.P.). A broad
  • Weathering rates of limestone tombstones measured in Haifa, Israel
  • The rate of weathering of limestone tombstones has been studied in the city of Haifa, Israel. Measuring the relative height of lead lettering on tombstones with a micrometer and relating it to the age the inscription yields the rate of weathering
  • . The rate of limestone weathering in Haifa was found to be 0.005 mm/year. It is suggested that an exponential curve is a better fit than a linear curve when relating weathering to time.
  • On the dating of karst formations and their significance on the Late Tertiary-Pleistocene face of Hungarian limestone mountains: the Bükk Mountains in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • in elevation between limestone and non-limestone surfaces were rather moderate once. (DLO).
  • Tavi-mocsari tetaratas tipusu édesvizi mészkoosszletek a Keleti-Gerecsében. (Lacustrial, paludal and tetarata types of fresh-water limestone complexes in the Eastern part of the Gerecse Mountains)
  • The appropriate evaluation of the places of occurrence of freshwater limestone in the Gerecse mountains, the freshwater limestone levels above each resp. the recognition of phases of source formation offer important data to the recognition
  • This study identifies and relates the physical and chemical characteristics of the surface sediment with the limestone bedrock in Guilin to assess the influence of the limestone dissolution process on sediment composition. A dual-zone environmental
  • structure exists vertically downward from the surface in Guilin : the zone of unconsolidated clastic sediments predominantly acidic, and the zone of karstified limestone predominantly basic. The evidence suggests that the environment and process differ
  • in these 2 zones. The chemical dissolution of limestone that formed tower karst of the region is not mainly responsible for the accumulation of clastic sediment on the surface.
  • Geomorphology of limestone areas in the northeastern Rhenish Slate Mountains in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Hillslopes solute sources and solutional denudation on a Magnesian Limestone hillslope
  • Flood hydrology of western Jamaica : a study in a karstic limestone environment
  • The range of water temperature fluctuations in the limestone waters of the central and southern Pennines
  • Karst morphology and limestone petrology
  • Closed depressions in limestone areas: some teaching approaches for the physical geographer
  • Discussion of G. PRASAD'S paper on the origin of red clays on Quaternary limestone along the East African coast-a reply