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  • On the decomposition of changes in expectation of life and differentials in life expectancy
  • The expected life of mobile homes
  • Czech Republic ; Education ; Impact ; Life expectancy
  • In the Czech Republic there have been recorded diametrical trends of life expectancy at birth. While after World War II it was characterized by mortality decrease, from the mid-1960s, it was deteriorated and at the beginning of the 1990s up
  • to the present it appeared a new decline in mortality. Although the communist regime provided free health care to everybody and salaries were equalized, the differences in the length of life according to the educational attainment are abvious at all generations
  • Life expectancy ; Population ; Region ; Slovak Republic ; Spatial differentiation
  • Slovakia belongs to the European countries with a relatively young population. Life expectancy of population is briefly outlined. An unfavorable situation based on life expectation at birth in regions, particularly in southern and eastern Slovakia
  • Infant mortality and life expectancy in the Arab world
  • Improved prediction of life expectancy for a himalayan lake : Nainital, UP, India
  • , they estimate a useful life for the lake of 2,200 years, which is much longer than the estimate based on short-term bathymetric data. - (SLD)
  • Exploring spatial autocorrelation of life expectancy in Poland with global and local statistics
  • Life expectancy ; Male overmortality ; Poland ; Spatial autocorrelation ; Spatial differentiation ; Statistics ; Trend surface
  • The gendered nature of natural disasters : the impact of catastrophic events on the gender gap in life expectancy, 1981-2002
  • Behaviour ; Gender difference ; Impact ; Life expectancy ; Mortality ; Natural hazards ; Social status ; Vulnerability ; Woman
  • Health ; Life expectancy ; Mortality ; Social geography ; Social indicators ; Social inequality ; World
  • in mortality situation within Europe is also presented and explained, and the health situation of Hungary among the WHO countries defined. The study is based on WHO statistics such as infant and adult mortality rates, average life expectancy at birth by sex
  • Changing mortality patterns that led life expectancy in Japan to surpass Sweden's : 1972-1982
  • Relating changes in life expectancy to changes in mortality
  • A generalization of life expectancy which incorporates the age distribution of the population and its use in the measurement of the impact of mortality reduction
  • Life expectancy in tropical climates and urbanization in Urban climatology and its applications with special regard to tropical areas.
  • Comparative study ; Europe ; Health ; Hungary ; Life expectancy ; Medical geography ; Mortality ; Social indicators ; Suicide
  • The main objective of this paper is to investigate the position of Hungary among the European countries according to health conditions of the population. Among others, indicators of life expectancy, infant and adult mortality, suicide are analysed
  • Demographic analysis ; Demography ; Economic impact ; Family ; Income transfer ; Life cycle ; Life expectancy ; Model ; Mortality ; Population ageing ; Statistics ; Welfare
  • One of the Bay Islands of Honduras in the Western Caribbean, Roatan is expected to soon undergo major expansion of tourism and, with it, to lose its ineffable quality of life. - (DWG)
  • lengthened in China where life expectancy at birth was apparently 62years in 1975. In India and Indonesia, on the other hand, average life expectancy appears to be 52years: in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kampuchea, Laos, Nepal and Viet Nam less than 45years
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Taiwan) an extremely rapid drop in mortality is apparent during the post-war period). Elsewhere, and particularly in the densely populated countries (China, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh). It seems that the life span has
  • disparities and foreign trade imbalances give cause for concern. The former Romanian foreign minister observed : Our citizens expectations weigh more heavily upon us than pressure from the European Commission of the European Parliament. They expect a better
  • life through accession and reforms (Ungureanu 2006, original in German). - (IfL)
  • Life chances in Britain by housing wealth and for the homeless and vulnerably housed
  • Demography ; England and Wales ; Life expectancy ; Living standard ; Mortality ; Social exclusion ; United Kingdom ; Vulnerability
  • Analysis of urban―rural population dynamics of China : a multiregional life table approach
  • China ; Demography ; Fertility ; Internal migration ; Life expectancy ; Matrix analysis ; Multiregional model ; Population projection ; Rural population ; Urban population