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  • Reindeer herding and ecology in Finnish Lapland
  • Late glacial hydrology of the upper Pite River Valley, Swedish Lapland
  • Bassin-versant ; Delta ; Fluvioglaciaire ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphodynamique ; Lappland ; Paléohydrologie ; Quaternaire ; Suède
  • On temperature inversions in Finnish Lapland in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.
  • Examples of the depth, sharpness and duration of ground inversions in Finnish Lapland. The data include long-term measurements at fixed points in valleys along slopes and on tops of fells as well as temporary line measurements made from a moving car.
  • Deposits from lanslides and avalanches triggered by seismic activity in Swedish Lapland
  • Cold area ; Fault ; Glacial features ; Landslide ; Lapland ; Mountain ; Patterned ground ; Seismicity ; Sweden
  • In the mountain area of Swedish Lapland, landforms with semicircular or horse-shoe ridges encircling hummocky ground occur. They are interpreted as landslide or avalanche deposits directly upon, from or adjacent to down-wasting ice. Since
  • Ten years (1994-2004) of potential weathering in Kärkevagge, Swedish Lapland
  • Cold area ; Comparative study ; Granite ; Lapland ; Limestone ; Plant canopy ; Soil properties ; Sweden ; Weathering
  • in Swedish Lapland. In general, dolomite was the most useful material for monitoring mass loss, with limestone weathering tending to be too rapid and granite weathering being too slow.
  • Aeolian blowout dynamics in subarctic Lapland based on decadal levelling investigations
  • Aeolian deflation ; Aeolian features ; Cold area ; Dune ; Finland ; Lapland ; Subarctic zone ; Vegetation ; Wind erosion
  • and environmental parameters. Four localities from different vegetation zones in Finnish Lapland were surveyed using precision levelling, during three measurements campaigns in 1993, 1994 and 2004.
  • Regeneration of trees in the treeline ecotone : northern Finnish Lapland
  • Biogeography ; Ecotone ; Finland ; Forest ; Lapland ; Microclimate ; Mountain ; Soil properties ; Tree line ; Vegetation dynamics
  • The objective of this research was to find out if forest will invade the treeless areas in the present treeline ecotone in northern Finnish Lapland and which factors might impede forest advance. The study areas were selected to look for differences
  • A 10-year record of the weathering rates of surficial pebbles in Kärkevagge, Swedish Lapland
  • Cold area ; Dolostone ; Experimentation ; Granite ; Lapland ; Pebbles ; Sweden ; Weathering
  • in Kärkevagge, a glaciated through in Swedish Lapland. In general, wetter, more acidic sites promoted greater losses from the dolomite, but the losses from the granite were too small to reveal distinctive spatial patterns.
  • Re-evaluating the sub-Caledonian erosion surface at the border of the Caledonides in Enontekio Lapland, north-western Finland
  • Periglacial character of the climate of the Kevo region, Finnish Lapland on the basis of meteorological observations 1962-1971
  • Horizontal and vertical differences of temperature during the growing season in the Inarijoki-Teno river valley in Lapland in (Mélanges en l'honneur d'Ilmari Hustich).
  • Studies of transitional forms between snowpatch and glacier in the Abisko Mountains, Swedish Lappland
  • Mass transfers, sediment budgets and relief development in cold environments: Results of long-term geomorphologic drainage basin studies in Iceland, Swedish Lapland and Finnish Lapland
  • Climatic change ; Cold area ; Finland ; Iceland ; Lapland ; Lithology ; Mass movement ; Plant cover ; Sediment budget ; Slope dynamics ; Sweden ; Watershed
  • Iceland, Swedish Lapland and Finnish Lapland. The major controls of these detected differences are (i) climate, (ii) lithology, (iii) relief and (iv) vegetation cover. The applied drainage basin-based approach seems to be effective for analysing
  • Differential rock weathering in the Valley of the Boulders, Kärkevagge, Swedish Lapland
  • Chemical erosion ; Cold area ; Differential erosion ; Erratic boulder ; Geochemistry ; Lapland ; Mineralogy ; Sweden ; Weathering
  • Slow soil movement in Tarfala valley, Kebnekaise Mountains, Swedish Lapland
  • Climatic variation ; Creep ; Gelifluction ; Lapland ; Mass movements ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Slope dynamics ; Slopes ; Soil ; Soil moisture ; Sweden
  • Permafrost thickness and distribution in Finnish Lapland - Results of geoelectrical soundings
  • Finlande ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Lapland ; Permafrost ; Périglaciaire ; Sondage géoélectrique ; Zone froide
  • Geomorphic effects of the extreme rainfall event of 20-21 July, 2004 in the Latnjavagge catchment, northern Swedish Lapland
  • Erosion ; Exceptional event ; Lapland ; Mass movement ; Mudflow ; Precipitation ; Sediment budget ; Suspended load ; Sweden ; Watershed
  • The impact of elevation, topography and snow load damage of trees on the position of the actual timberline on the fells in central Finnish Lapland
  • Altitude ; Biogeography ; Cold area ; Finland ; Forest ; Lapland ; Snow ; Topography ; Tree line
  • Sneeuwlawineonderzoek in Fins Lapland
  • Avalanche ; Climatic change ; Finland ; Ground survey ; Lapland ; Snow ; Wintersports
  • Weathering rates of fine pebbles at the soil surface in Kärkevagge, Swedish Lapland
  • Chemical erosion ; Cold area ; Dolostone ; Erosion rate ; Field experiment ; Geochemistry ; Glacial valley ; Granite ; Lapland ; Pebbles ; Sweden ; Weathering
  • artic-alpine valley in Swedish Lapland. Each vegetation category contained 3 replicate sites comprising one bag of each rock type. In 1995, the study was extended to Dryas heath and willow surfaces. Percentage annual weight loss was used as a metric