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  • Some aspects of language planning in Quebec and Finland
  • Canada ; Cultural studies ; Finland ; Language ; Linguistic minority ; Quebec
  • Language and economy in Friesland: a first step towards development of a theory
  • Cultural studies ; Economic impact ; Economic situation ; Employment structure ; Friesland ; Language ; Netherlands (The) ; Regional economy ; Regional identity
  • This is a case study of the mutual relationship between language and economy in Friesland. The debate concerns the effects of the Frisian language and the language policy, on the functioning of the regional economy. Possible negative consequences
  • The diffusion of click sounds from Khoisan to Bantu languages in South Africa
  • Cultural geography ; Diffusion ; Language ; South Africa
  • The patterns of diffusion of the Khoisan click sounds in the Bantu languages of southern Africa are shown and possible explanations are examined. - (AJC)
  • Nation-building, language and education. The geography of teacher recruitment in Ireland, 1925-55
  • Cultural identity ; Education ; Ireland ; Language ; Nationalism ; School system ; Teaching
  • The paper examines how the Irish language emerged as one of the foundations of Irish identity and how the education system became the cornerstone of the state's language policy. Nation-building is treated as a dynamic process where views of national
  • World languages map.
  • Algerian bibliography. English language publications, 1830-1973
  • Language groups in Switzerland
  • Bibliography of selected literature on the Netherlands in foreign languages, 1976-1980
  • The Welsh language at the 1981 Census
  • Language planning, marginality and regional development in the Irish Gaeltacht.
  • Language, geography and social development : the case of Norden.
  • Assessing the authenticity of a supra-national language-based movement : la francophonie.
  • Tourism and language in Mexico's Los Cabos
  • Cultural geography ; Cultural landscape ; Language ; Lower California ; Mexico ; Seaside resort ; Tourism
  • In southern Baja California, the strong North American tourist presence since the 1980s has resulted in the use of English by tourist industry workers and the presence of signs in English. Language is used to reveal the evolution of the hybrid
  • Un'importante opera sulle lingue del mondo. (An important work on the languages of the world)
  • In 1981 two Rumanian scholars published Limbile lumii (The Languages of the World), a comprehensive and interesting work. The A. takes it into examination by commenting it widely, pointing out its positive aspects and some weak points. He concludes
  • by proposing four lemmas for as many languages of ancient Italy which are not dealt with in the work he reviews. (Ed.).
  • Spanish as a language for geographical expression
  • Language ; Latin America ; Toponymy
  • Cartographic symbol ; Cartographic technique ; Cartographical display ; Language ; Map design
  • An effort to find out about the reasons, a mental experiment with delinguization of map language based on delimitation of four language levels and subdivision of map sign into morphemes and graphemes is demonstrated. - (MS)
  • Where in the world are you? Geolocation and language identification in Twitter
  • This article studies the reliability of key methods used to determine language and location of con-tent in Twitter. It compares three automated language identification packages to Twitter's user interface language setting and to a human coding
  • of languages to identify common sources of disagreement. It also demonstrates that in many cases user-entered profile locations differ from the physical locations from which users are actually tweeting. As such, these open-ended, user-generated profile
  • Representing the imagined city : place and the politics of difference during Guangzhou's 2010 language conflict
  • China ; Conflict ; Difference ; Guangdong ; Guangzhou ; Language ; Place ; Policy ; Sense of belonging
  • Based on a social and political campaign against state-led hegemonic language standardisation, the 2010 language conflict in Guangzhou was a socially and culturally constructed process in which the local's imagination and representation of place
  • and identity were reproduced within a local geometry of social relations involving the state language policy, the local community and the city's migrant population. The paper acknowledges that some place-bounded politics may demonstrate a counter-hegemonic
  • The European Community's lesser used languages
  • Assimilation ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; Europe ; Immigration ; Language ; Linguistic minority ; Minority
  • Representation of geographic space in natural language, minds, culture and computers
  • Commercial geographical information systems are based on linguistic assumptions of English-speaking North America. Romance languages structure space in different ways complicating the GIS technology transfer to Latin America.―(DWG)